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Rona Mac Releases New Single “Pennies”- Out Now | Single Special

October 2, 2022

Rona Mac Releases New Single “Pennies”- Out Now

To witness the progression of this crucial artist during the last year has been one inspiring journey, Rona Mac is one of the most promising artists around, and with each release she drops, the enveloping compositions soon become nothing short of essential. Now we are deligthed to share Rona Mac‘s latest single release “Pennies”, which is out now and streaming below.

Rona Mac is described as a self-invented, genre-fusing, DIY singer-songwriter from rural West Wales. She crafts guitar-driven tracks which provide a hooky bed for her distinct vocals and sophisticated lyricism, resulting in wholesome, lo-fi indie-pop with a generous nod to folk and blues sounds. You will be blown away by the lyrical wisdom and sincerity of this artist. Her work producing music that connects to the audience is simply sublime, you will be able to embrace the honest words of this captivating artist.

Returning for a release in September, Rona Mac is ready to captivate with the stellar “Pennies”. Her music is described as encouraging people to open up and connect. Speaking about this Rona says: “If I can talk about things we’ve been told we shouldn’t, and help people connect to feelings they tucked away in their teens, then I’ll be happy when I’m old.

Her latest offering “Pennies” showcases her staple sound. A minimal but infectious groove that provides strong foundations for guitar chords and synth lines to intertwine. Her raw vocals sit on top providing emotion in places but also swirling in the mix with heavenly backing vocals creating a tranquil wall of sound as she discusses the topic of stress.

Speaking further about this she says: “This song is about weighing up and juggling many things, caught in a frenzy of 5 jobs, being broke and a bit broken, and considering moving in with my girlfriend 1 month into the relationship to save on money, rather than waiting for the right time. I felt I was losing myself in a rising tide.”

Rona proudly offers this fragile formation with this fearless intimacy that runs throughout. The intimacy draws this weighty connection from artist to audience, uniting the gentle harmonies with the deeper lyrical commitment. The new single captures Rona’s most easeful vision with a lasting influence, as the single embarks on a gentle voyage built on minimal instrumentation and the patter of lo-fi shuffles. As the structure develops and allows this plentiful bed upon which the expressive vocal harmonies glide, the tonality that emerges throughout the creation are essential to the movement of the voyage. Softer yet imperative, a delicate hook, a shifting guitar note with this ardent append.

As strands of intensity shine through amongst the immersive melody, Rona’s ethereal vocal notes merge affection into the exploration, paving emotional ties to the twists and turns. Rona captures such sincerity within her core vision, this ability allows this truthful value to shimmer throughout the latest composition.

Be sure to follow Rona across all of her channels, a truly compelling musician.




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