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Jean Jean Share New SIngle “Sept Sorts” Taken From Forthcoming Third Album “Fog Infinite” due November 11th on Black Basset Records & À Tant Rêver Du Roi

October 6, 2022

Jean Jean Share New Single “Sept Sorts”

Taken From Forthcoming Third Album “Fog Infinite” due November 11th on Black Basset Records & À Tant Rêver Du Roi

Back in the summer, we were blown away by the new music unveiled by the impressive trio Jean Jean. The music dripping through our Summer marked the turn for this outfit and their progression leading up to their forthcoming new album- which is out next month. As we stated before and true to the latest single they’ve shared, Jean Jean are back to leave one remarkable imprint. A band embracing their sound to enthrall their audience, Jean Jean are soon set to deliver the most influential record of 2022 and leave the year on one almighty high.

Consisting of Sebastien Torregrossa, Edouard Lebrun and Gregory Hoepffner; this talented trio have consistently blown us away with their promising evolution and their ability to captivate any listener. Their evolvement and mammoth arrangements will consume you, the new album will easily be one of the best records of 2022.

After furious Prey/Trigger and dancing Concord Lights, Jean Jean have now shared their third single, “Sept Sorts”. Described as a much more dreamlike track, a cinematic journey through the melancholic suburban spaces where the members grew up. A track that continues to broaden the band’s horizon, with its touching melody that turns into a fantastical explosion, before ending up frozen in time, forever stuck in grey reality.

With the new single available on all platforms as of today, 6th October, the band has also shared a remarkable live session, see below.

Jean Jean creates such compelling arrangements that ultimately hook your entire attention, these vast pieces simply consume the listener, moving the individual to the center of their structures. Captured in the new live video for “Sept Sorts” you can visually appreciate and draw to the hypnotic tendencies of Jean Jean.

These musicians capture their impressive energy in their live environment, bouncing from one another and drawing further commitment from the ardor they possess. The textures of the melodic ensemble grow, and the tones are allowed the space to thrive and resonate such raw attributes. Electronic cadence sweeps through with this wealth of power whilst emotion fills the atmosphere oscillating from the guitar rhythms and the prowess of that raucous guitar tone. When the thunderous and complex drum shuffles join, the intensity shifts once again. Expansive, expressive, and electrifying.

The immense range of affection that challenges the composition through the instrumentation intimacies, is such a unique quality for this outfit. Continuing to progress as an outfit and produce such meaningful ensembles.

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