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Clara Mann Releases New Single “Go Steady” & Announces New EP “Stay Open” Out November 1st via 7476

October 9, 2022
Photo credit: Meadow Florence Marks

Clara Mann Releases New Single “Go Steady”


Announces New EP “Stay Open” Out November 1st via 7476

We saw in 2021 by introducing you to the talented artist that is Clara Mann, following that we’ve enjoyed watching this artist reach more as her career rightfully flourishes. Now she is releasing her new single, ‘Go Steady,’ via 7476.

Capturing the very essence of modern folk and flawlessly produced, the track builds up layers of warm, woody instruments, culminating in an all-encompassing blanket of rich harmonies and intricate sounds, seamlessly woven together. Vocally, Clara encapsulates the magic of folk heroes such as Karen Dalton and Judee Sill, whilst having her own distinctive timbre which manages to be both delicate and tender, but still commanding and impassioned.

On her new single, Clara explains “Go Steady is about letting go of the past, and standing on your own two feet, firmly in the present. It’s also a thank-you song to everyone who’s shown me love, and kept an arm around me when I’ve needed it.

“I used to be scared of letting go of things- of people, of stories from other times in my life- because I thought it meant leaving parts of myself behind, too, but I’ve recently realised that I’m happiest when I’m just being present in the Now. The marks those times left on me remain, but I don’t have to carry the whole of my story with me all the time, it’s heavy and it slows me down. 

“After some very strange, dark times, Go Steady is a break in the clouds, and the closing of a chapter”

Clara captures such compelling characteristics within her vision, “Go Steady” allows Clara’s expressive vocal nature to shine. Embarking on this emotive and fragile journey, the ethereal vocal harmonies resonate with this unique power and sincerity as they dynamically shift from softer tones to more powerful sustained notes. As the intimate and raw lyrical journey hooks your attention and alters your own mood, the instrumentation focuses on intricate guitar notes, gentle drum shuffles, and the quivering piano keys that play out the release and boost the animation in the tender atmosphere.

Clara’s songwriting ability to weave such an array of affection within their vision is truly something else. The themes within the ensembles provide this mighty backbone to the enthralling voyages, providing an array of addictive qualities that allure the audiences’ full attention to fixate on the journey from start to finish.

Perhaps more than anything else, Clara Mann is a storyteller. Her songs are led by a keen sense of character and narrative, each guided by exactingly-chosen words carried by melodies which gently unspool and drape over elegant arrangements of creaking guitars and understated, breathy strings. It’s an approach which lends her new EP ‘Stay Open’ a sense of both immediacy and durability: it takes no time at all for the listener to step into the world that she builds with her writing, but there’s much to explore once you’ve arrived.

Music has been a constant in Clara’s life. From the age of four, she studied classical piano, encouraged by her writer parents to express herself creatively. The family moved around during her childhood, living in London, rural southern France and south-western England. The memories of the homes she lived in and the landscapes she left behind appear throughout her music. Once she was old enough, Clara began going to DIY gigs in Bristol, experiencing another cultural realm which would go on to inform the music she makes today.

With little in the way of expectation, she began playing casual shows of her own, experimenting with songwriting using an acoustic guitar her parents had given her some time ago. As well as chanson and choral influences she grew up with, elements of Irish and American folk music began to enter the stylistic mix, brought more sharply up to date by Clara’s love of alternative artists like Jessica Pratt, Shannon Lay and Tom Waits.

‘Stay Open’ is a remarkably accomplished piece of work: vulnerable without lacking conviction, verbose without being florid, self-assured but never arrogant or alienating. It’s the sound of a young artist with a clear vision, informed by a breadth of personal experience, that belies her age.



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