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BIG|BRAVE Announce New Album “nature morte” due 24th February 2023 via Thrill Jockey & Share New Single “carvers, farriers and knaves”

October 23, 2022
Photo Credit: supplied by the band

BIG|BRAVE Announce New Album “nature morte”

Due 24th February 2023 via Thrill Jockey

BIG|BRAVE, the elemental ensemble of guitarist/vocalist Robin Wattie, guitarist Mathieu Ball, and drummer Tasy Hudson, harness an earthen heaviness composed of distorted and textural drones, austere bombast, and Wattie’s heart-rending voice. Like recent collaborators The Body, BIG|BRAVE is at the forefront of reconfiguring the landscape of heavy music. The trio brandish sparseness and density like weapons, cast tense atmospheres with languid tempos and mutate feedback into eruptions of enveloping tempests.

nature morte sharpens BIG|BRAVE’s ferocity and expansive sound into emotional elegies for the disenfranchised, wringing abstracted textures and pure fervence into songs of unfathomable mass.

The opening lyrics cover the entire release, it claims you. What a triumphant and enthralling release built on this ominous expressive detail. Raw, resilient, and rousing, the instrumentation delves so deep into the darker attributes, creating this ambiguous atmosphere that grows with the wealth of feedback and thunderous drum beats. The vocal notes cut through the complex and heavy cadence with such ease, slicing through the dense structure and reinforcing some emotive details. The result of this far-reaching arrangement is chilling. This almighty world intensifies, loud and obnoxious. BIG|BRAVE create this colossal and chaotic composition that absolutely consumes you, your world is frozen to the fierce lashing in front of you. Just shy of 7 minutes, this explosive release will wreak havoc on your senses. A blistering arrangement with a lasting impression. BIG|BRAVE boisterously capture this devastatingly destructive vision.

The title nature morte is the French term for still life paintings whose literal translation is “dead nature”. BIG|BRAVE colour the songs of nature morte with unease, creating an air of beauty in decay, chords suspended in contemplative stillness. Wattie’s experiences structuring lyrics and song forms on The Body & BIG|BRAVE’s Leaving None But Small Birds informed her work on nature morte, creating stories that, like many folk tales, are at once specific and universal. Wattie’s voice manages to be commanding and vulnerable with impressive range and intimacy. Even her gasps carve their way through the tidal crash of Ball’s distortion wail and the pummel of Hudson’s drums. “the fable of subjugation” conveys pain through strained drones free of time, an aching minimalism that withers slowly before bursting in an outright roar. nature morte is an excavation of dark inner chasms of feelings both ineffable and visceral.

The album tackles the folly of hope, the consequences of trauma, often centres on the subjugation of femininity in all its pluralities. “It is violent and terrible. It is crushing and alarming. It is common and basic,” says Wattie. “It is catastrophic and disheartening.”

nature morte TRACK LIST:

carvers, farriers and knaves

the one who bornes a weary load

my hope renders me a fool

the fable of subjugation

a parable of the trusting

the ten of swords

The momentum of nature morte conjures the image of a beast collapsing beneath its own weight before resiliently staggering upright to thunder onward. BIG|BRAVE convey heft from silence as deftly as they do from swaths of feedback and distortion to cathartic ends. “Distortion is key,” notes Ball. The three members recorded primarily live over the course of a week  at Machines with Magnets with Seth Manchester, pushing the potential of their instruments beyond expectations. For each song the trio’s song writing and attention to detail deliver its simple but devastating emotional power. On “the parable of trusting” Hudson’s cymbal clangs reverberate through Ball’s guitar, stirring out a hauntingly hollow texture. On “my hope renders me a fool,” plumes of low growl and crooning feedback dissolve into clean pensive chords.

Opener “carvers, farriers, and knaves,” one of the most relentless and bracing pieces in their oeuvre, deliver with the soar of guitar and voice twisting atop Hudson’s bouldering percussion creating an imposing terrain. Across the album’s six pieces BIG|BRAVE create a tension between immediacy and patience, invoking the essence of disquiet, while conveying anguish through inventive arrangements and nuanced performances. nature morte captures BIG|BRAVE at their heaviest and their mournful fury is at its zenith, an album where each moment is so immense and consuming that it possesses its own gravitational pull.


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