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The Antlers Release “Green to Gold (Brent Arnold Remix)”

September 30, 2022

The Antlers

Release ‘Green to Gold (Brent Arnold Remix)’ 

Last year The Antlers – aka Peter Silberman and Michael Lerner – released their first album in seven years titled Green to Gold, a bucolic record which Pitchfork described as “a post-rock orchestra playing around a campfire… the sound of hard-won peace of mind, rendered in the lightest brushstrokes.”

The release was followed by the Losing Light EP, a reimagining of four tracks from Green to Gold. Today, the band’s experimental side continues to bloom, with a very special reworking of Green to Gold’s title track by cellist and composer Brent Arnold (previously collaborators include Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney, Reggie Watts + more).

Arnold explains, “It’s a beautiful melody. I love to reharmonize a song like this and bring out different shades of feeling. Most of the sounds are me on the cello, with or without fx, and some others are custom sampler instruments I built out of my own cello sounds”

The intensity of this track seems to have been enhanced with the additional strings in this rendition, the cello creates this centerpiece for the emotion to resonate providing this stirring sensation and harboring additional power that emerges throughout. One harrowing journey from start to finish, a compelling creation given this boost of affection, even when the original screams this emotive current, the new remix delivers this injection of volatility.

Peter Silberman has also co-produced the new Wild Pink album ILYSM (Oct 14th via Royal Mountain Records). This marks Silberman’s  first foray into producing a record for another artist  outside of the context of The Antlers or his solo work.

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