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Mamalarky Share New Single & Video “Shining Armor”- New Album “Pocket Fantasy” out September 30th on Fire Talk

September 21, 2022


Share new single & video “Shining Armor”
Album ‘Pocket Fantasy’ out September 30th on Fire Talk

 Atlanta-based four-piece Mamalarky have shared a third track and accompanying video taken from their forthcoming new album, ‘Pocket Fantasy’ which is set for release on September 30th through Fire Talk Records.

Following the album’s debut single and ode to friendship “Mythical Bonds”, and the more introspective, meandering track “It Hurts, now the band up the ante with latest track “Shining Armor.” Accompanied by a video animated by Alex Futtersak, who is known for several striking visuals he has created for Cautious Clay and Crumb, the track is the kind only Mamalarky could have created. It delivers a tightly-wound blend of jazz-inflected, woozy, intricate math-rock and indie-pop – somehow at once both angular and heady – seeing the band strike a chord somewhere between both their most jubilant and abrasive.

Guitarist/vocalist Live Bennett comments: “This one goes out to conveniently anonymous YouTube haters. Shining Armor is an invitation for anyone who has shit to say about how I play guitar to go ahead and reveal themselves and play a little song for us! When I wrote this I was getting a bunch of comments about my gender and appearance and how that corresponds with how I play guitar. The only response was to covert that anger into something that’s genuinely so fun to play.

Alex Futtersak (@chippy_zone) took this idea and crafted a whole world around it, where our music is essentially breaking a curse over these angry knights in armor. I actually sent him some DIY motion capture from my room so some of the moves are true to form.”

One immense film to accompany this ferocious and intense journey by Mamalarky. This jagged piece consumes the audience in this short yet vivid exploration. Another release bursting with plentiful hooks and obscure earworms, angular attributes, and sharp rhythms keep this unpredictable pulse to the ensemble.

Six months into the pandemic, three-fourths of art-rock band Mamalarky plunged into a new experiment and moved in together. Guitarist-vocalist Livvy Bennett and keyboardist Michael Hunter drove across the country, decamping from Los Angeles to bassist Noor Khan’s hometown, Atlanta. In September 2020, the trio rented a giant old house with vaulted ceilings, a tire swing, and a bare-bones little studio room. There, the band made its largely home-recorded new album.
The resulting album, ‘Pocket Fantasy’ is a perfect sunny-day record – imaginative and introspective, an enveloping listen of sky-high hooks and keyboards that soar with joyful abandon. Its twelve kaleidoscopic tracks shape-shift aesthetically and thematically, through ideas about death and impermanence; love and gratitude; nature and technology; humour and hope
Mamalarky formed in 2016, growing out of the house show scene in Austin, TX that surrounded their cooperative student housing. But their roots as friends run even deeper: Bennett and Hill met in middle school band, and they’ve played in bands with Hunter since high school. (Single, “You Know I Know,” nods to the big music dreams of their Texas upbringing.) When the band moved to LA after the release of their first record, they met Khan. ‘Pocket Fantasy’ follows their 2020 self-titled full-length debut, the 2018 EP Fundamental Thrive Hive, and support tours with Slow Pulp, Jerry Paper, and Ginger Root, among others. When they’re off the road, Mamalarky now jokingly calls itself “tri-coastal,” with Bennett and Hunter back in LA, Hill in Austin, and Khan in Atlanta.
The process of home recording helped crack open their collaborative approach. Constant tracking at home helped take off some of the pressure of the studio; the group could experiment without regard for whether songs would make the album; they could just write and play and collect material without worrying if anyone would ever hear it. “It’s more alive,” Bennett says. “And less over-thought. It felt like it was pouring out continually.” Hunter adds: “We were very much learning the home-recording process as we went along… It’s music that’s heavily inspired by the process.” 

‘Pocket Fantasy’ will be released on September 30th via Fire Talk. Pre-order/pre-save here.
‘Pocket Fantasy’ track list:
1. Frog 2
2. Mythical Bonds
3. Little Robot
4. You Know I Know
5. It Hurts
6. July
7. Building Castles
8. Dance Together
9. Shining Armor
10. The Hour
11. Mote Controller
12. Now

North American tour dates:
9.29 – Phoenix, AZ – Trunk Space
9.30 – San Diego – Public Square 
10.1 – Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
10.2 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo 
10.4 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
10.6 – Sacramento, CA – The Starlet Room
10.7 – Reno, NV – Off Beat Music Festival 
10.9 – Portland, OR – Polaris Hall
10.10 – Seattle, WA – Vera Project
10.13 – Fort Colins, CO – The Coast
10.14 – Denver, CO – Hi-Dive
11.1 – Asheville, NC – Static Age 
11.2 – Nashville, TN – DRKMTTR
11.3. – Richmond, VA – Get Tight
11.4 – Washington, DC – Comet Ping Pong
11.5 – Philadelphia, PA – Silk City
11.6 – Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right 
11.7 – Boston, MA – O’Briens 
11.8 – Montreal, QC – Brasserie Beaubien 
11.9 – Toronto, ON – The Baby G 
11.11 – Fort Wayne, IN – The Brass Rail
11.12 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s 
11.13 – St. Louis, MO – the Sinkhole
11.15 – Athens, GA – Flicker Bar
11.16 – Atlanta, GA – 529

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