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Jesse Tabish Shares New Single “Keep You Right” – Debut Solo Album “Cowboy Ballads Part 1” due 21st October via Play It Again Sam

September 7, 2022
credit Christal Angelique

Jesse Tabish

Shares New Single “Keep You Right”

Debut Solo Album “Cowboy Ballads Part 1” due on 21st October via Play It Again Sam

Jesse Tabish has unveiled a third single from his forthcoming debut solo album, Cowboy Ballads Part 1, due 21st October on Play It Again Sam -preorder here.

Previous singles “Castro” and “Da Da” were well received by Clash, NME, BBC 6 Music and more, and today Jesse shares “Keep You Right”, one of the album’s most soaring peaks, which addresses the nature of addiction.

“Am I maintaining sobriety or am I just telling myself what I want to hear?” Jesse wonders. “Left with all this time during the pandemic, these questions rose up: how do I want to live, to spend my time? I’ve always felt productive because of my writing, but other parts of my life aren’t maybe as great.”

“Keep You Right” starts with this sweeping emphasis, the atmosphere builds from delicate guitar passages and gentle drum shuffles, and the delicate nature soon leaves and makes way for the intensive nature of this completely immersive exploration to exhilarate. Throughout the new release, Jesse captures this sense of adventure from the textures to the harmonies, creating this imperative voyage from start to finish amongst this completely compelling landscape. Affection cascades from the plentiful notes and tonality of the release. Hooked on the vocal tonality and the immersive instrumentation, this ambitious landscape grows and dynamically shifts course with the array of luscious attributes that weave throughout the complex composition. This single release is one to embrace, the lasting influence is something else.

The frontman and creative lynchpin of Oklahoma’s finest, Other Lives, described by MOJO magazine as “the next must-have American pastoral sensation”, Jesse and his chief collaborator Kim Tabish (also his wife and fellow band member) used their time during lockdown to fashion a glorious record, as epic as it is intimate, distinguished by the same sweeping, cinematic arrangements and haunting, wistful melodies that typify the band’s catalogue, but with a rawer edge that reflects its  home-made origins.


1. Cowboy Ballad
2. Da Da
3. Italia Nite I
4. Manchini
5. Bells and Whistles
6. Dread Harp Blues
7. New Love
8. Castro
9. Keep You Right
10. Price In Full
11. Fantastik
12. Halloween Day
13. Mystic I
14. Rituals II


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