Honey Harper Shares Video For New Single “Ain’t No Cowboys in Georgia”- Taken From Honey Harper & The Infinite Sky out 28th October via ATO Records

September 19, 2022

Honey Harper Shares Video For New Single, “Ain’t No Cowboys in Georgia”

Taken from Honey Harper & The Infinite Sky, out 28th October via ATO Records

Honey Harper released the official video for the new single “Ain’t No Cowboys In Georgia” from their forthcoming album Honey Harper & The Infinite Sky, out October 28 via ATO Records. The video was shot in the Canadian Rockies and guest stars musician Sean Nicholas Savage.

“The words ‘…and by the way there ain’t no cowboys in Georgia,’ was one of the last messages I received before my Papa passed away along with my Granny in 2021,” explains William Fussell. “The quote came at the end of a long angry message regarding an interview I did earlier in the year where I had said, ‘you can never trust a cowboy,’ referring to the complicated relationship I had with that side of my family in south Georgia and the falling out we had a few years prior. Their passing hit hard in a way that I still can’t really comprehend because in a lot of ways the relationship was already dead but the feeling of a missed opportunity to mend it is something that you can’t really shake… and that feeling of finality, never being able to change what happened, is something that will probably always stay with me.”

Immediately the stirring keys capture your attention, when the drum shuffles into focus with the resonating guitar tone the atmosphere alters, shifting once the punchy and warm vocal notes embrace the lyrical course of this creation. The tender traits of this consuming release anchor’s country influence at its heart whilst emitting this refreshing nature. The quick and sharp ensemble will captivate you.

“Ain’t No Cowboys In Georgia” follows the release of “Broken Token” which finds inspiration in the bluesy Southern rock of the Allman Brothers Band and the poetic lyricism of the Grateful Dead. The live video performance video from EastWest Studios has already garnered nearly 150,000 views on YouTube.

Honey Harper & The Infinite Sky is the follow-up to their critically-lauded 2020 full-length debut Starmaker. The 12 song collection also marks their first time recording with their stacked band The Infinite Sky featuring their longtime bassist and contributing writer Mick Mayer, pianist John Carroll Kirby (Solange, Steve Lacy), Spoon keyboardist Alex Fischel, guitarist Jackson MacIntosh (Drugdealer, Jessica Pratt), pedal-steel player Connor Gallaher (Black Lips, Calexico), and TOPS drummer Riley Fleck. The album was mixed at Wowcat Studios in Los Angeles by Joel Ford (yes/and, Ford & Lopatin).

Honey Harper & The Infinite Sky tracklist:

1) Reflections

2) Ain’t No Cowboys In Georgia

3) Broken Token

4) One Thing

5) Tired Of Feeling Good

6) The World Moves

7) Boots Mine Gold

8) Hard To Make A Living

9) Lake Song

10) Crystal Heart

11) Heaven Knows (I Won’t Be There)

12) Big Sky

Album Preorder:

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