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Gift Share Video For New Single “Feather” – Debut Album “Momentary Presence” out 14th October 2022 on Dedstrange 

September 19, 2022
Photo credit: Jena Cumbo

GIFT Share Video For New Single

Debut album “Momentary Presence” out 14th October 2022
on Dedstrange 

GIFT – the Brooklyn-based psych-rock quintet – share the second single/video, “Feather,” from their debut album, Momentary Presence, out October 14th on Dedstrange.

The radiant “Feather” was written in bandleader TJ Freda’s apartment, after waking up from a lucid dream. “This is one of the most personal songs on the record,” says Freda. “One night I connected with a loved one  in a dream, except I was in their mind. I was standing right infront of them and kept trying to call to them but the world in this dream was too loud and noisy. They couldn’t see or hear me. Feather is about trying to help someone who can’t be helped, but in the end you accept them for who they are and love them no matter what.”  On the psychedelic ballad, Freda sings of “psychic destabilization and the quest for balance” from a patchwork of warm lo-fi electronica. 

That familiar warmth and comfort resonate from the immediate synth tone, warbling this soundwave through the intimate landscape, creating the most mesmeric hook for the release. With the notes slowly build up, adding percussive elements and psych attributes whilst the dreamy vocal notes alter the mood. GIFT has once again created this immersive masterpiece. A soundscape that continues to effortlessly grow in size, zeal, and addictive passages. A hypnotic trance-like creation that loops and lures your full attention. Melodic rhythms and this addictive tone combine with the electrifying spirit of GIFT.

Smart streaming link for “Feather” –

In the accompanying video, director Dylan Brannigan does his own dance of reality, performing magic acts of audiovisual alchemy to transform GIFT’s metaphysical disturbances into a series of surreal vignettes; each rendered in hazy, saturated hues like a contraband bootleg VHS of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain.

Momentary Presence introduces TJ Freda as a sorcerous and versatile home-recording engineer. Their full-length debut contains recordings that seem to tease something seismic coming around the corner, as well as dense, layered productions that feel complete, definitive, and impermeable. Each moment has richness, complexity, and singularity. Inspired by Be Here Now, the 1971 spiritual guide and counterculture landmark by guru Ram Dass, Momentary Presence is a meditation on working through the anxiety and self doubt that we all, at one point, carry. It’s a natural match for Dedstrange, the new label co-founded by Oliver Ackermann of A Place to Bury Strangers and Death by Audio.

Composed of Freda and his bandmates Jessica Gurewitz, Kallan Campbell, Justin Hrabovsky, and Cooper Naess, GIFT have a knack for conjuring soundscapes that are simultaneously turbulent and gorgeous. Together, they share the quest for perfect sound, harmony during times of trouble, and radical openness. Can you open yourself up and appreciate it in its fullness – the ugliness and confusion as well as the beauty and joy? The members of GIFT believe you can. Momentary Presence is a chronicle of that chase, and a celebration of the eternal now.

Tour Dates

Sat. Oct. 15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Sultan Room (Record Release Show)

Momentary Presence Tracklist:
1. When You Feel It Come Around
2. Gumball Garden
3. Share The Present
4. Lost For You
5. Pez
6. Stuck In A Dream
7. Dune
8. Feather
9. Pinkhouse secret Rave
10. Here And Now (Time Floats By)

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