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Zouj Releases New Single & Video “Metal” – New EP out 23rd September via City Slang

August 5, 2022
Yasemin Said



Zouj is the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Adam Abdelkader Lenox. After releasing his acclaimed mixtape Tagat last year, the follow-up Metal will drop on September 23rd 2022 via City Slang. On his record, Zouj creates a hyperpop cosmos full of experimental and futuristic sounds that loses none of their catchiness. Both EPs will be released combined on vinyl.

Zouj spent his late teens and early twenties in Leipzig, mainly on tour with his hardcore bands, like his most recent group Lingua Nada. That meant cheap rent and lots of time to devote to mu- sic and being constantly on the road. Just like Björk decided at some point that it was time to stop living the punk life of the Sugarcubes, Zouj also broke away from the group and turned from guitar music to an experimental, electronic sound. “After four years with my band, punk rock and basements, I wanted to do something different. At first I thought I’d open a bar, but then it be- came a mixtape. ” Metal marks the release of the second EP from his solo project. A professional bassist, Adam Abdelkader Lenox also recently toured in the live band of Antilopen Gang and per- formed with Zouj as a support act for ÄTNA

Metal”, the title track of the EP, was born from the idea of creating a song that would sound like a robot. The process was all about approaching metallic sounds. “The EP is full of such hints,” says Zouj. At the same time, accompanied by vocoder-distorted vocals and crooked gui- tars, the track unfolds as a gentle anthem of love. “Metal” becomes a metaphor of inner walls raised: “Armed to my teeth. Under my shields I ́m mortal. For your not to see the scar, I’m aiming for the heart first.” Until the willingness to take off one’s inner armor sets in. 

“I saw this weird robot at an atelier in Leipzig and wondered how it would sound if it had a song. I was interested in terms of production that the entire thing breathes a lot organically and has these ups and downs in dynamics that would feel like a feather hovering up and down. “Metal“ being a genre of music and a material very far away from what the song sounds like even though I used Synthesized Metallophones, is quite a joke on it‘s own. The rest of the meaning can be found in the lyrics, it’s pretty straight forward.” Zouj

“‘Metal’ tells the story of someone who, in order to be truly safe and unable to feel pain, creates a world of full control. Zouj embodies different personas throughout the video – the concierge of the hotel, the rich guy in the suite and the bass player of the hotel band. One managing the place, the other one spending money and the last one performing and entertaining. As the video unfolds at the end: The only true friend that can relate to him is a robot.”Yasemin Said, Video Director

Zouj returns with this mighty track and even more obscure and righteous film the combination together showcases the talent, influence, and creative prowess of all involved. Zouj is without a doubt unequivocally unique, “Metal” is this rich, glitchy triumph filled with vivid tangents, complex layers, and rhythmic hooks. Fusing such decadent textures to ultimately craft one immersive landscape from the get-go.

Metal EP feels like veering off the rainbow track in Mario Kart and suddenly glitching into the creepy mansion route. Wry synthetic sounds break out of the traditional song structure of pop, carving their own paths, yet ultimately never straying from catchiness. “I think the music doesn’t want to be pop. Or it does want to be.” Zouj’s world is surreal and glitchy, experimental and glow- ing like a screen. Catchy and challenging. And, above all, fun as hell.

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