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Margaritas Podridas Share New Single “No Quiero ser Madre”- Out via Suicide Squeeze Records’ Pink & Purples Digital Single Series

August 16, 2022

Margaritas Podridas Share New Single “No Quiero ser Madre”

Out via Suicide Squeeze Records’ Pink & Purples Digital Single Series

Margaritas Podridas have shared their new digital single “No Quiero ser Madre”. As the latest entry in Suicide Squeeze Records’ Pinks & Purples digital single series, “No Quiero ser Madre” delivers a short, sharp shock aimed at the anti-abortion movement.

It is a song about unwanted pregnancy, the thought of having an embryo developing inside you against your will,” says guitarist/vocalist Esli Meuly and bassist/vocalist Carolina Enriquez in a joint statement. “It is about being scared, and the feeling you’d get when you imagine it inside you, not being able to stop its growth right away, not knowing what to do, screaming, hoping it is a bad dream.”

This track instantly oozes aggression and this overpowering yet immense wall of sound, a raging punk composition fuelled by the dense and gritty tonality backed by the thunderous drum beat and the abrasive vocal notes. Attitude fills the boisterous atmosphere of which is so well packed, so thick, and complex. A truly brutal arrangement that will alter your mood.

About Margaritas Podridas
The Hermosillo, Mexico-based quartet Margaritas Podridas was born out of admiration for the underground rock landscape of the ‘90s, culling from the distortion-laden songwriting of the grunge scene, the scuzz-coated pop of shoegaze, and the noisy sojourns of that decade’s college rock’s guitar icons. Sonics aside, there’s a political streak and DIY ethic in Margaritas Podridas that recalls the confrontational idealism of their musical forebearers, evidenced in their underage scene building efforts in their hometown, their negation of the English language despite their growing international fanbase, and their penchant for giving the middle finger to sexism in both the music industry and the broader world.



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