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Heddlu Releases Debut Album “Cantref”- Out Now via Zawn Records | Album Feature

August 2, 2022

Heddlu Releases Debut Album “Cantref”

Out Now via Zawn Records

After the release of some stellar singles leading up to July 29th, Heddlu has finally released the phenomenal debut album “Cantref’, available now via Zawn Records.

Heddlu is the new musical project by Rhodri Daniel and one of the most electrifying artists around right now. The Ceredigion native was a founding member of renowned, legendary Welsh band Estrons who had a major impact on the industry.

A chance encounter with a retired record producer, who’s old forgotten studio on the slopes of the Cambrian Mountains was filled with antique synthesisers, inspired Rhodri to consider music once more. Advised to get outdoors to aid recovery, he embarked on a three-month hike spanning 900 miles of the entire Welsh coastline, where he conceived the new project and was inspired to write the music in his head, to be recorded upon his return. Serendipity led Rhodri back to music, and Heddlu was born. Meaning ‘Police’ in Welsh, from the words ‘peace-force’, Heddlu‘s music has been true to its’ name, offering a force of peace to the songwriter.

“Cantref”, Heddlu’s debut album, is a concept album of sorts, based on a central character who finds themselves washed down river and castaway at sea, only to descend to the depths of Cambrian Bay to ‘Cantref Gwaelod‘, a mythological sunken celtic city, populated with malevolent long-forgotten spirits. Initially, the protagonist struggles to accept reality, before eventually coming to terms with their fate, and learning to float amongst the ghosts.

Stream the album here – https://orcd.co/cantref

The new 11-track album will inspire, invigorate and propel the audience into the deep current of the enthralling journey from start to finish. This ambitious album fuses a multitude of influences and emotions pulled together to curate this mighty experience.

Album opener “Descensionist”, immediately sets the scene for this record. A short but expressive instrumental piece that sculpts this plentiful atmosphere that exudes obscure attributes and electronic euphoria. Heddlu creates this immediate immersive ensemble that connects to the emotion and the journey with the web of synth textures and an array of piercing and shimmering tones. The developing tones lead to this feeling of suspense which ultimately escalates throughout the landscape and this is something that continues to provide such stirring complexities throughout the following tracks.

Cantref Gwaelod” follows, this mighty soundscape showcases the big, fierce synth waves and punchy percussion, this release relishes in the vast theme, from the big notes to the huge tones. With this release, we appreciate the human touch and interaction as Heddlu’s raw vocal notes assist the affectionate appeal of the ensemble. Explosive lashes pierce through the atmospherical creation with the intensity that builds and the emotion that oozes from Heddlu‘s notes and lyrics.

Next up is “Locker”, a track that provides a fierce shift into the journey. Commencing with this instant array of bold, daring, and powerful tones. The texture of this raw tone is slightly angular, but defiant, and destructive. A tone that powers through this mighty ensemble, expressly becoming the lifeline to the arrangement, a wealth of character emits from that chosen tone and one that we are sure can be compared to any personal events, for this is the formidable synth-wave blazing through the landscape with this fearless expression. Heddlu brings intimacy into the sonically surging landscape. Heddlu creates this intimate aspect of the mighty world with the brooding vocal harmonies, perceptual lyrics, and the dynamic vocal range pull such sincerity of affection, aggression, and a powerful awareness of the volatile atmosphere.

Daw Eto Haul” smashes into this visceral voyage, lighter yet dominant tones punch into play with the sustained vocal harmonies from Heddlu. This more elevated arrangement captures this playful, uplifting vibe whilst threading this infectious warmth to resonate through the chosen synth tones and rapid tempo. As the audience embraces the feeling of ascending, flying high with the powerful release, the atmosphere comes to a sudden jarring holt when “Benthic” emerges. Shifting the volatile notes to this experimental territory, this cosmic creation almost re-sets the landscape and explores with ease more of this celestial world. This then brings the moving “Reset” into play, the creation allows the raw ensemble to hook and captivate the audience, allowing the listeners to join the harrowing movement filled with poignant intimate touches which glide to the forefront of this powerful composition thanks to the fragility of the lyrics and the emotion that weaves throughout the rhythms.

“Auto-Da-Fé” bounds into play with soaring synths and tones which exude this eclectic, electrifying vibe, this sonically alluring and explosive creation commence with this carefully controlled electronic chaos. Cutting, jarring soundwaves swirl into the fierce atmosphere. The magnitude of the intro paves the way for this mighty, immense journey to unravel. As the additional synth sounds shine and the tweaks intensify, the drum kit emerges with the crashing cymbals which propel aggression and crisp clarity into the soundscape, then the lo-fi yet charming vocal harmonies from Heddlu join the ambitious landscape.

Elsewhere on the album, Heddlu embraces distorted worlds and allows varying degrees of melancholia to flow, alternating with immense beauty, to erratic electronic chaos the relishes amongst a more frenzied pace. Intelligently creating a record filled with unpredictable passages and this clear wild ride. A record that builds expressive landscapes of ferocious appeal to softer, intricate depths. Sincerity swoons from the vocal harmonies which keep the audience fixated on the musical outcome.

What a vivid and crucial debut this is, a truly electrifying release filled with plentiful textures and courageous complexities. This artist, as we’ve stated before, is an innovative pioneer. This dynamic body of work reflects the consistent and prominent creative energy that crafted the ideas and bought each ensemble to life, resonating with the affection behind each story that defines this release.



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