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Chroma Releases New EP “Llygredd Gweledol”- Out Now via Libertino Records 

August 12, 2022

Chroma Releases New EP “Llygredd Gweledol”

Out Now via Libertino Records 

South Wales trio Chroma have released their flawless new EP “Llygredd Gweledol“, out now via Libertino Records. Recorded live by producer Kris Jenkins (Cate Le Bon, SFA, Gruff Rhys), “Llygredd Gweledol“, is described as capturing the versatile and energetic sound that Chroma have made their own…..a sound that has cemented the band’s reputation as a must see live experience. The fearless intertwined drums and bass riffs of Zac and Liam create a thunderstorm on which vocalist and lyricist Katie spins her melodic unbridled truth, honest and bone deep.

Llygredd Gweledol“,Is a collection of song that leaves the listener eager for what comes next, it’s a turning of the page, empty with the creative possibilities of where Chroma go next. They are a band with so much to say and so much to share.

The heat outside may be unbearable but the heat emitting from this record is something else, a collection of intoxicating, raucous, and electrifying ensembles from an outfit that oozes character, appeal, and attitude.

The new 4-track EP kicks off with the title track “Llygredd Gweledol”, immediately Chroma creates this distinct brooding landscape filled with this immense rasping tonality. The notes collide into the darker atmosphere, collecting intensity as they propel through the soundscape joined by the heavenly harmonies from Katie. The melody drives the journey before the intensity of the instrumentation ramps up, the blazing drum kit comes into focus with this almighty introduction. Each musician plays off one another, the growling ferocity adapts, evolves and all attributes, tones, and harmonies unite for this enthralling experience. The first track screams essential, a quality that flows throughout.

Next up,“Caru. Cyffuriau.” immediately escalates into this hard-hitting, erosive exploration. This daring quality devours the darting density of this colossal creation. It’s abrupt whilst capturing this snarling aggression growing and shifting throughout, perfectly allowing the punk attributes to surge. This infectious attitude of this outfit is captured with such ease throughout this ensemble and proudly alters the listener’s own mood, inspiring the audience’s own temperament to react to the values of this creation. Gritty instrumentation and the most impressive attitude reflect the fearless persona throughout.

The audience is truly hooked on the chaotic energy Chroma conveys, two tracks in and the audience embraces the power of this trio.

The journey of the record suddenly shifts for the penultimate track “Meindia’r Gap”. The single starts with a variation to the tempo and the angular ambiance before Chroma crash into their next forceful ensemble. When that cymbal triumphantly smashes and the thunderous drum shuffles join the mix, the effectiveness of the power alters the direction and the concentration of the power recorded. The angular, scratchy rhythms play out and allow the raw atmosphere to gain sudden addictive qualities,   the audience is drawn to the ardent instrumentation that flows with this unruly chaos, continually amplifying. With your attention fixated on the depth of the exploration, the arrangement soon shifts thanks to Katie‘s very explosive, very expressive vocal harmonies, these vocal notes steer the release whilst showcasing further complexities to the nature of the ensemble, those vocal notes become the catalyst to the intensity of the journey.

This record captures Chroma at their very best, putting everything into their craft. Capturing their infectious attitude which resonates within their mighty soundscapes, their distinct driving force sets this outfit apart, they mean business.

Finally, the record ends with the emotive prowess of “Weithiau”. Following the mammoth tracks that flowed first, Chroma bring affection into focus for their final arrangement. A piece that allows complexity and sensitivity to unite. The audience immediately embraces the emotional cadence that spurs throughout this release, resonating from the triumphant vocal range from Hall. Delivering this fragility yet ample harmonic range, you’ll be hooked on the affection which reflects with such power from Hall’s expressive notes. Surrounding that powerful tonality, the fierce instrumentation embraces the journey. A blazing exploration filled with this raw accent from every musician pioneering the devouring arrangement. The release, hand in hand, captures both power and fragility, melody meets this cacophony of fast-moving, abrasive resonance. The surging, scratchy overdrive guitar rhythms are emphasized by the cadence of crashing cymbals and defiant drum hits.

Seriously, what an exciting band and one whose vision is captured with such ease throughout their release. An electrifying collection of tracks that capture their diverse influence, 4 tracks that flourish on punk themes, grunge roots, aggression, and ardor. A bold mix of raw releases fuelled by this rapturous rock power yet still capturing intimacy, fragility, and personal connection.





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