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Sniffany & The Nits Share Video for “Clam Chowder” – Debut Album “The Unscratchable Itch” Is Out Now via PRAH Recordings

July 29, 2022
Photo credit: Chiara Gambuto

Sniffany & The Nits

Share video for ‘Clam Chowder’

Debut album The Unscratchable Itch
Out now via PRAH Recordings

Having released their debut album The Unscratchable Itch, via PRAH Recordings earlier this month, deranged London punk band Sniffany & The Nits have today shared the video for new single ‘Clam Chowder’.

Speaking of the track, vocalist and lyricist Sister Sniffany says, “After a long day at the office nothing gets you in the mood more than the smell of talcum powder, petroleum jelly and feet. ‘Clam Chowder’ envisions a secretarial administrator justifying her husbands swinging, trying to convince herself this is what she wants too, that life is good. He provides for her and he knows how to have a laugh, unlike her.”

“Because her heart breaks she feels stuck up and prudish. So often you find yourself trying to think your way out of the way that you feel, that’s the true repression of freedom, rather than not being able to get your dirty lizard wet. Anyway, if you don’t like your middle aged husband to shag a neighbour then you’re allowed to feel any way you want about it, if you feel ashamed that you’re overemotional or that you’re not as free or sexually liberal or horny for sex with strangers as your partner then that’s OK! Trying to change that stuff is what causes wives to shoot their husbands with a gun.”

Sniffany & The Nits fiercely prevail your world the moment this track comes into play, the immense energy of this outfit captured with ease thoughout “Clam Chowder”. The destructive angular tones swirl to create this mammoth soundscape, intense, reinforced by the quavering drum shuffles and almighty cymbal crashes that resonate through the structure. As the instrumentation brings this forked and piercing injection to the atmopshere, the dominating vocal harmonies and raw lyrics keep you hooked. The dynamics of this outfit enthrall, they pack more than a punch.

1. The Unscratchable Itch
2. Chicken Liver
3. Good Boy
4. Piggy Bank
5. Clam Chowder
6. 1000 Hours
7. Frogs Legs
8. Pearl Rope
9. Grandma
10. Dolly

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