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Show Dogs Return With New Single “Vacuum Food” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co | Single Special

July 10, 2022

Show Dogs Return With New Single “Vacuum Food”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co

Discover Show Dogs, an outfit composed of members of long-standing Cardiff stalwarts TJ Roberts, Rainbow Maniac and AHGEEBEE, Show Dogs are described as melding acerbic observations of contemporary Welsh life with deeply personal reflections, set to a chamber-pop soundtrack.

The band have just released their new single “Vacuum Food” which is out now via Rose Parade Recording Co, and streaming in full below:

Of the track- Vacuum Food is a reflection on both touring life and disordered eating and how the two paradigms exacerbate habits both good and bad. Lead-singer and lyricist TJ Roberts, encapsulates his year-long experience of van-life and his reliance and dependence on gastronomical convenience. As someone who has lived with disordered eating for the majority of his life, his situation is one that lacks balance, where habits swing from indulgence to restriction mostly out of necessity. Vacuum Food is at once both an admission and an acceptance that relinquishing control may not always lead to bad outcomes.

As the follow-up to their Beach Boys’ love letter ‘Brian’s Stubble’, this latest single is described as expanding the instrumental landscape with nods to The Kinks and The Byrds, whilst eschewing pastiche in production, taking inspiration from contemporaries Disq and Kiwi Jr. Engineered and produced by the band in their studio, they hold on to their DIY credentials whilst delivering a crisp meld of vintage gear and modern mix convention.

Show Dogs brings this serious theme to the forefront of their vision and lifts the notions with this elevated, complex instrumentation. The thrilling combination of upbeat psych-pop mixed with this endearingly adventurous spirit cascading from every attribute, results in forming this electrifying ensemble.

The unpredictable voyage starts with this immediate punchy drum beat before the sweeter guitar noodles with the intoxicating vocal notes. Infectiously raw whilst the lyrics and vocal notes present this distinctly exposed character. The sense of dynamics within the powerful atmosphere commands your full attention, jaunty passages and this lo-fi animation takes hold as the journey adapts calmer, softer sights to more abrasive and rich peaks. A seriously catchy creation that relishes its own innovation, whilst this impeccable beauty resonates from the tonality, the rhythm, and the moving melody. Show Dogs delve into this rich ambiance filled with plentiful textures and a truly honest, innate ability to craft sincere pop hooks. 

This is not the last we will hear from this immense outfit, Show Dogs promises a flood of music throughout late 2022 and 2023, proclaiming that punk is not dead in Wales and its message has arrived in 3-part harmony.




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