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JEAN JEAN Release New Single & Video “Concord Lights”

July 6, 2022

JEAN JEAN Release New Single & Video “Concord Lights”

One of our most cherished outfits are back on true form, with new music and a forthcoming album in tow, Jean Jean are ready to take 2022 and deliver one of the most influential records. Consisting of Sebastien Torregrossa, Edouard Lebrun and Gregory Hoepffner; this talented trio have consistently blown us away with their promising evolution and their ability to captivate any listener. Their evolvement and mammoth arrangements will consume you, the new album will easily be one of the best records of 2022.

Jean Jean will release their third album “Fog Infinite” expected to be unveiled in November, the French electronic/Math Rock outfit have now shared new single “Concord Lights” taken from their forthcoming album.

The brooding synth chimes and constructs your immediate introduction to the dark atmosphere, pulled into the ominous waves of this journey, your attention is hooked before the brighter beats and complex tones shift the ambiance and bring this influx of alluring light, pulsating intensity, and a truly melodious dance movement.

Through the developing journey, Jean Jean adds this clear touch of honesty to their vision, the tonality and immersive force they bring to the creation allows for a story to emerge, forming and keeping the audience captivated by the connection they make to “Concord Lights“. The surging intensity captures Jean Jean’s fearless and blazing energy which devours every attribute of this fierce release, a truly expressive exploration that continues to capture this outfit’s ability to remove boundaries from their vision and explore such unchartered depth.

Jean Jean are sound designers at their core, bringing this deep network to their core sound the musicians form the most impressive landscapes as they build immersive architecture to their vision which in turn brings their kaleidoscopic vision to life. Lashes of emotion can be embraced and recognized with their voyage, a truly striking ensemble with a lasting effect. Jean Jean will make you move, they will make you dance and they will allow your imagination to ignite.

Speaking of the new video and track Jean Jean comment, Concord Lights is attached to a dear memory that is the exact opposite of Prey/Trigger: the last concert of our American tour with Carpenter Brut. Absolutely EVERYTHING was perfect that night, the venue, the crew, the audience… We did a legendary concert and the lights were incredible! The result is this exhilarating, exultant piece, probably the closest from the older Jean Jean formula. This is our most pop song.


Grab the single via Black Basset Records here – https://blackbassetrecords.bandcamp.com/track/concord-lights-2


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