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Helms Alee “Keep This Be The Way” – Out Now via Sargent House – Album Review | Gavin Brown

July 18, 2022

Helms Alee

Keep This Be The Way

New Album Out Now via Sargent House

Sargent House signees and Seattle natives Helms Alee have dazzled on albums like Weatherhead, Sleepwalking Sailors, Stillicide ,and their last album Noctiluca and now follow that up with their latest release Keep This Be The Way, an album which sees the band reaching new realms of creativity with their music.

Keep This Be Way is an expansive collection of songs that shows off the promise and skill of Helms Alee to the fullest, and may just be the bands’ best album yet.

The menacing See Sights Smell Smells kicks Keep This Be The Way Off in an effective manner, creating the right amount of tension, and is a brilliant opening statement from Helms Alee before the swirling title track of the album soars into life, showing off exactly the depth of the band’s music. The exquisitely titled How Party Do You Hard? follows and is a hazy trip of a song, adding more diversity to the sound of the album early on. The crunching noise rock of Tripping Up The Stairs is a confrontation in audio form and acts as the bruising backbone to Keep This Be The Way while the sublime Big Louise is a crooning belter of a tune.

Do Not Expose To The Burning Sun is the epic centerpiece of the album and shows how vast the band’s music goes. The Middle Half follows and shows a softer side to the band’s music in a catchy and somber fashion. The epic side of Helms Alee surfaces again with the anthemic Mouth Thinker before the album concludes with the discordant rush of Three Cheeks To The Wind and the glorious and gleeful wave of passion that is Guts For Brains brings the record to a very satisfactory conclusion.

With so many musical ideas and forms executed, you could be forgiven for thinking that there may be too much going on and those ideas would get lost, but Helms Alee tackle these fears with ease by seamlessly gliding in between styles with consummate ease, and the fact that all three members of the band add their vocals at different points of the album is sublimely done, with everything flowing seamlessly throughout.

Keep This Be The Way is an assured album that perfectly demonstrates the vision of the music of Helms Alee and takes in so many awesome twists and turns on the album’s ten brilliant songs.

Helms Alee, Keep This Be the Way released 29th April via Sargent House.



Words: Gavin Brown

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