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Heddlu Set To Release New Single “Auto-Da-Fé” Out 22nd July via Zawn Records | Single Premiere

July 15, 2022


Set To Release New Single ‘Auto-Da-Fé’ 22nd July via Zawn Records

Exclusive Single Premiere

Following on from the sensational release of the single “Locker” which came out in May, Heddlu returns with the release of their latest effort ‘Auto-Da-Fé’. The new track will be officially released 22nd July and ahead of the date, we are absolutely thrilled to share the single in full.

Heddlu is the new musical project by Rhodri Daniel and one of the most electrifying artists around right now. The Ceredigion native was a founding member of renowned, legendary Welsh band Estrons who had a major impact on the industry.

After finishing the band in 2019, Rhodri became aware that his hearing was severely damaged. Years of touring the live circuit had taken their toll, Rhodri ultimately being diagnosed with hearing loss, tinnitus and severe sensitivity to noise. The effects were so acute, Rhodri was unable to be in the same room as other people, leave the house or play music for almost a year. 

A chance encounter with a retired record producer, who’s old forgotten studio on the slopes of the Cambrian Mountains was filled with antique synthesisers, inspired Rhodri to consider music once more. Advised to get outdoors to aid recovery, he embarked on a three-month hike spanning 900 miles of the entire Welsh coastline, where he conceived the new project and was inspired to write the music in his head, to be recorded upon his return. Serendipity led Rhodri back to music, and heddlu was born. Meaning ‘Police’ in Welsh, from the words ‘peace-force’, heddlu‘s music has been true to its’ name, offering a force of peace to the songwriter.

The inspiration behind the new music is enough to entice you to embrace all that heddlu has to offer. We are delighted to share heddlu‘s third single which means “Act of Faith” in the Spanish language. Listen to the track streaming below:

Immediately the soaring synths and tones give off a more eclectic, electrifying vibe, this sonically alluring and explosive creation commences with this carefully controlled electronic chaos. Cutting, jarring soundwaves swirl into the fierce atmosphere. The magnitude of the intro paves the way for this mighty, immense journey to unravel. As the additional synth sounds shine and the tweaks intensify, the drum kit emerges with the crashing cymbals which propel aggression and crisp clarity into the soundscape, then the lo-fi yet charming vocal harmonies from heddlu join the ambitious landscape. Whilst the addictive qualities from the vocal harmonies are enough to hook your full attention, the severity and sincerity of this arrangement continue to advance and simply blow you away. The lyrics and the meaning of the creation add this darker inclination whilst melodically moving you with the critical components. The arrangement thrives with the more complex nature, this enormous ensemble continues to grow on such a vast scale, textures soar and the rhythms ignite this infectious quality.

heddlu is clearly an innovative pioneer, the forthcoming release is the most exhilarating work yet. All 3 singles shared showcase this dynamic body of work and capture such an array of emotion, be it from the chosen tonality or from the vocal range and intimate lyrics. This prominent energy pulls you in and keeps you hypnotized on the heavy journey.

“Auto-Da-Fé”, is named after the trial that heretics and apostates faced during the Spanish inquisition, before being condemned. Sung from the dual perspectives of a judgemental inquisitor, and the artist himself, the song conveys a sorrowful and tumultuous scene, echoing how we continually put ourselves on trial for the things that we have done. 

“Auto-Da-Fé” is out on 22nd July 2022 on ‘Zawn Records’.



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