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El Goodo’s Pixy Jones Announces Debut Album “Bits n Bobs” due via Strangetown Records & Shares New Single “I’m Not There” / “And Your Bird Can Sing”

July 6, 2022

Pixy Jones Announces Debut Album “Bits n Bobs” due via Strangetown Records

& Shares New Single “I’m Not There / ‘And Your Bird Can Sing”

El Goodo guitarist and songwriter Pixy Jones has announced that his debut album entitled ‘Bits n Bobs’ which is due for release on 16th of September via Strangetown Records.

Branching away from the familiar El Goodo platform, Welsh psych scene stalwart Pixy Jones has himself compiled a truly remarkable collection of tracks that fluctuate from 60’s harmony-rich psych pop, to Alt-Country with ringing tremelo guitar.

On Friday 1st July, Pixy Jones dropped the sensational first release. The new single “I’m Not There“, the first single taken from the forthcoming debut album, is accompanied by a magical version of Beatles track ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’ as its B-side.

I’m Not There” immediately commands your attention, from the mesmeric pulls of the rhythms to the connecting warmth from the chosen tonality, the jaunty notes collide to provide this enthralling energy that conquers the entire exploration. Pixy Jones builds this explosive arrangement filled with tempting textures and this courageous intensity. Jones creates this lush atmosphere that exudes hypnotizing efforts on this maximum scale. Whilst the hazy vocal notes glide above the raucous instrumentation, the vocal notes add further complexity to the creation. Whilst the musicianship fearlessly pushes the sonic boundary, adding to the pulsating enticement of the release.

The lyrics and the harrowing raw solitude of the title “I’m Not There“, repeated throughout, the sense of intimacy that resonates from the words provides a release that cuts this sincerity of expansive emotional effect amongst the kaleidoscopic attributes.

Pixy had this to say about the release:

The album was originally intended as a solo project under the pseudonym of “Wallace Russell”. I recorded it alongside the recording of Zombie (El Goodo) whenever I could get in the studio. There are some really old songs that have always been overlooked for ‘El Goodo’ albums for one reason or another, a few new ones which I wrote specifically for this, and a couple that would have probably ended up on the intended double album version of Zombie if we’d kept going with the double album idea. I’ve since ditched the ‘Wallace Russell’ name and gone back to ‘Pixy Jones’ as I figured there’s no need to have a pseudonym if nobody knows who you are in the first place. Even though I dropped the name I’ve kept the walrus mask for now as it is more photogenic than my actual face.

I had no recording budget so I had to fund it by quitting smoking and saving the money up to pay for studio time. It took, I think, two and a half years to record, which is by far the quickest I’ve ever recorded an album. Would have been quicker too if it wasn’t for Covid!

Originally I wanted it to just be a quickly recorded slap dash and get it out sort of thing but I had a year and a half during Covid to think about it a bit more and ended up taking more care to get it done properly. It was just me there so I played most of it myself apart from Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo) who played brass and woodwind on one song and Rhodri Brooks (AhGeeBe) plays some pedal steel on a couple.

Elliott and Canny from ‘El Goodo’ played drums and bass on Wind Street during the Zombie recording sessions.

The album was recorded and mixed in Aerial Studios with Tim Lewis, (Thighpaulsandra), a couple of songs were finished in the house during the lockdowns.

Pre-order the forthcoming album here – https://pixyjones.bandcamp.com/



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