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Chroma Set To Release New Single “Meindia’r Gap” Out 29th July via Libertino Records Ahead Of EP Release In August

July 25, 2022
Photo Credit: Bethan Miller 

Chroma Set To Release New Single “Meindia’r Gap” Out 29th July via Libertino Records

New EP “LLygredd Gweledol”

Last month we were introduced to the sounds of Pontypridd trio Chroma, immediately Chroma connects to their listeners with this sheer power and enthralling energy. Joining the prolific Libertino Records family, the amalgamation propelled this excitement and anticipation as two fantastic forces came together.

Our first listen to Chroma and we were hooked. Now we are thrilled to discover Chroma‘s new single “Meindia’r Gap” which is officially released this Friday, July 29th, and a taste of their forthcoming EP, “LLygredd Gweledol” which will follow 12th August on Libertino, available to pre-save here.

The range that Chroma captures in their musicianship proves the importance of this vital trio, their energy simply intoxicating, our previous statement remains, listen to their ferocious new single streaming below.

Libertino · Chroma – Meindia’r Gap

Crashing into their forceful creation, the cymbal smashes abruptly joined with the thunderous drum shuffles and angular, scratchy rhythms. Whilst this bold, raw atmosphere hooks your attention with immediate effect, the audience is drawn to the ardent instrumentation that flows with this unruly chaos, continually amplifying. With your attention fixated on the depth of the exploration, the arrangement soon shifts thanks to Katie‘s very explosive, very expressive vocal harmonies, these vocal notes steer the release whilst showcasing further complexities to the nature of the ensemble, those vocal notes become the catalyst to the intensity of the journey.

Another challenging, erosive exploration on this trio’s part. Whilst still maintaining their fierce qualities, Chroma are about to release a single that showcases the immense range the outfit conveys. Throughout the 2-minute 36-second track, the blazing intensity actually eludes to a longer voyage. So mesmerized by the mammoth scale of the release, Chroma allows their infectious attitude to soar amongst the landscape with such clarity. Their driving force is so distinctive.

Chroma‘s vision is as electrifying and diverse as their influence, their sound is nothing short of colossal, built on punk themes, grunge roots, and yet distinctly their own characteristics. It’s rock, it’s raw, it’s heavy yet laced with intimate notions and sweeter melodies, Chroma unite aggression with this playful injection and they really are exciting on every level. Let’s not forget, that this mammoth sound is that of 3 musicians- their career is one to support.

EP Artwork

Pre-save their forthcoming EP https://orcd.co/llygreddgweledo




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