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Banshi Release New Single “Clear Skies” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Company | Single Feature

July 3, 2022

Banshi Release New Single “Clear Skies”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Company

Discover the psyche-rock outfit Banshi, formerly known as “Yasmine and the Euphoria“, Banshi graduated from the PRS Foundation/Arts Council of Wales Forté Project in 2020 and have spent the last couple of years honing their skills to become seasoned performers and songwriters.

Exceptionally dropping their new single “Clear Skies” which was unveiled June 30th, the time spent perfecting their skills can easily be relished in this new single. That talent is striving, this outfit is enthralling and worth all of your attention.

The new single grips the audience immediately, propelling them into the midst of this astral ambiance, so vivid, real, and somewhat rewarding. The atmosphere creates this visceral landscape for Front-Woman Yasmine to showcase her unlimited, flawless vocal range, taking the audience on this unpredictable voyage as Yasmine excels to offer this plentiful piece, the mighty melody simply ignites the power and connects to the compelling instrumentation that sweeps movement and intensity into focus.

The affection that dominates the soundscape emits from Yasmine’s far-reaching vocal notes, oozing such a complex range of power, strength, and an abundance of truly cutting notes. That combined with the guitar tonality that explodes whilst covering such treacherous territory throughout the landscape, the psych nods and the heavy drum hits and cymbal crashes, all of these elements combine for this magnificent melee. Crackling riffs, thunderous low-end, hypnotic hooks, and this raucous drive.

There a real mystic movement throughout the creation, whilst the mystic elements bring this upheaval of obscurity and lashes of the unknown into the composition, it’s the choice of warm tonality, a deep earthy connection, and the raw lyrics which add this authentic influx into the path.

The new single propels Banshi into this new sonic territory, providing this expressive exploration that proudly captures the best of these musicians, uniting their talents to capture such ferocious influence and defiant force.

The new single is described as being written under the cloud of the pandemic, Clear Skies reflects on the difficulties created and subsequent sense of disconnection that was felt. Whilst acknowledging this turbulence, the band also reflect on both the social and political movements as a silver lining of this otherwise challenging time. The band also reflect fondly on their recording experience at Rockfield Studio, wherein the song truly came alive.

This is the first in a collection of singles, due this year, which will include exciting collaborations between Banshi and local artists.




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  • Reply Julia July 6, 2022 at 11:07 pm

    Love, love, love your review of Banshi first single Clear Skies !
    I viscerally agree wholeheartedly xxx

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