The Long Blondes Return & Announce Live Dates

June 15, 2022
credit Francesca Scotrick-Boyd 

The Long Blondes

Announce live return as a duo

UK tour dates this summer, inc. headline shows and Green Man Festival

After a spell in hospital signalled the end of The Long Blondes Mark 1, it was all over. Until December 2021, when Rough Trade reissued the band’s classic debut album, Someone To Drive You Home, which saw the band back in the charts for the first time since 2008.

It was the momentum that Kate Jackson and Dorian Cox needed to reassess their back catalogue and get back in a rehearsal room in an old cutlery factory in Sheffield to see if the songs still worked…

Announcing three sold out live dates to test the water plus an appearance at Green Man Festival, The Long Blondes Mark 2 are now ready to take you to Giddy Stratospheres again…

UK Live Dates:

Saturday 16th July – The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds (SOLD OUT)

Thursday 4th August – Music Hall, Ramsgate (tickets)

Friday 12th August – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge (SOLD OUT)

Aug 119t – 21st August – Green Man Festival, Wales (SOLD OUT)

Kate says, “I can’t wait to stand on stage and look over at Dorian while we perform our songs again for the first time since 2008. Something I thought would never happen. The reaction to the 15th anniversary reissue of Someone To Drive You Home convinced us both that we had to play it live and we have spent the last 6 months reworking the songs as a duo using a lot of junk shop synths and electronic sounds. We’re so excited to be back.”

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