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SUNLINER Release New Single ” ‘I Call Him Gamblore”- Out via Lockjaw Records

June 1, 2022

Sunliner Release New Single ” ‘I Call Him Gamblore”

Leeds-based newcomers SUNLINER have released new indie punk track ‘I Call Him Gamblore’, via Lockjaw Records, alongside a music video that takes a dig at corrupt corporations.

The track is about “struggling to adjust after education to the crushing realisation of the bleak job market. Nobody when they’re asked growing up what they’d like to be when they get older says, ‘I’d like to work for Amazon’ (Amazon being just an arbitrary example of a Big Corporate Conglomerate Who Care Little For Their Staff TM) and the harsh reality of it is that so many people have to compromise, not because they want to, because they’re left no choice, and only the lucky few get to do something even slightly relevant to their interests,” says vocalist Jake. “It’s not a fun lesson to learn,” he adds.

The accompanying music video, which was filmed at local Leeds venue BOOM, shows the band as a batch of workers running themselves into the ground to inevitably be replaced by new flesh. Furthermore, the title of the new track is a quote from an episode of The Simpsons which sees Homer tell Lisa about her mother’s gambling addiction, “The only monster here is the gambling monster who has enslaved your mother. I call him Gamblore”. 

SUNLINER dominates your world through their new track. Showcasing their immense energy, blazing tones, and infectious and raucous instrumentation. A bold and hard-hitting melodic creation with this lasting impression, if this is your first introduction to SUNLINER, we guarantee you are now hooked. The tension builds throughout this release, the complex bass buoyantly cascades this almighty depth into the soundscape, whilst the guitar rhythms escalade and capture ferocity, emphasized by the boisterous drum beats and dynamic stop-starts. The audience finds themselves addicted to the vocal melodies that carry the journey with this intensive push.

Sunliner are an up and coming four-piece indie punk rock band from Leeds who take inspiration from the likes of Hot Water Music, Against Me!, and Bruce Springsteen. Catch the outfit live at the following dates:

23/07/22 – KNRD Fest, Nürnberg, Germany
21/07/22 – Flatertheek, Naaldwijk, NE
16/10/22 – Till The Fest 2, London 

Jake – Vocals, Guitar
Caffs – Bass, Vocals
Harry – Drums
Jonty – Guitar

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