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Quiet Dan Release New EP “The Fire Next Time” – Out Now | Release Feature

June 24, 2022

Quiet Dan Release New EP “The Fire Next Time”

Last month Quiet Dan celebrated the release of new EP “The Fire Next Time“, a stunning collection of 6 tracks that can be heard in full below.

Originally from Tel Aviv and having spent part of his youth in the United States, Daniel Mizrahi elegantly set out on his own path in 2018 with the album When The Earth Was Flat, hailed by the French music press. While they were written just as spontaneously, the songs on this new EP are rawer and more stripped down. Of the new release, a deliberate new sound emerges, as explained by Dan himself:

My debut album was very personal, but also very much steeped in the folk and Americana sounds that influenced me. The Fire Next Time is a reaction to that: what if I went back to basics? I wanted to refocus on the voice, to give it more space. New colours also appeared when we started playing the album live.. I’m lucky enough to have two musicians with me, Antoine Reininger (bass/guitar) and Mathieu Penot (drums/keyboards), who can play with great sensitivity, but also with great power. I felt like going further towards these two extremes.”

A long way from the melancholy and introspection which dominates When The Earth Was Flat, Quiet Dan is described as broadening his range of sounds on The Fire Next Time, with the desire to “make the rock stuff rock harder, and the strange stuff sound stranger”. He also expresses the slightly transgressive humour that characterizes him.

Listen to the record below:

Quiet Dan‘s new EP “The Fire Next Time” features 6 magical tracks that take the audience on a vivid and wild ride, each creation a vital voyage. From the opener, “Milk & Beer”, Quiet Dan immediately hooks the audience, the jaunty notes resonate in this admirable atmosphere, the guitar tonality proudly surges this surreal intensity into the creation and simply shimmers across the landscape. Fixated on the instrumentation, the energy of the intoxicating and charming vocal melodies flourish as they grip the soundsape and bring this influx of magnetizing qualities. This characteristic is caught within the following tracks with such clarity. The record showcases this vast range between each track, the changing atmospheres deliver this articulate sensation within each composition. As the record flows, “Call Me When You Get There” emerges with one of the most infectious passages and robust tonality. The EP ends on the intimate notes and reflective persona of “Magicians”, a slower tempo, a personal song that details a harrowing journey with the most delicate lyrics.

The range this record portrays will keep you captivated, the affection that emits from the deep song lyrics and the elevation from the instrumentation, “The Fire Next Time” ignites feelings. An eclectic record with meaning, movement, and mastery.

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