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Hunter Ellis Returns With New Single “The Turn” Ft. Brodie & Announces New Album “Princess Daddy” Out August 26th

June 1, 2022

Hunter Ellis Returns With New Single “The Turn” Ft. Brodie

New Album “Princess Daddy” Out August 26th

For just over 8 years we’ve witnessed and cherished the progression of musician Hunter Ellis. Watching the artist evolve, mature, and continuously create such touching explorations. Following 2 years since the release of Hunter’s stunning single “Hard To Say” which came to life through quarantine and led to the EP release “Face Tapes”, we are now delighted to share the new single “The Turn feat. Brodie” which is out now.

For those unfamiliar with Hunter, Hunter Ellis grew up in Northern California and got interested in music when he started playing the violin and guitar. In high school he joined an instrumental post-rock band called The Coma Lilies, who recorded two albums, did many west coast tours, and two cross country tours. During this time, Hunter worked at the somewhat infamous Grizzly Studios in Petaluma, CA, and learned a bit about being an engineer. After The Coma Lilies broke up in 2008 he moved to Portland, OR and played in My Dads, SHAT, and Mean Girls. He started recording his first solo endeavor in early 2012, and released it two years later. It is called The Healing Power of Laughter, taken from a catchphrase of Dr. Blake Downs in Children’s Hospital. Hunter released a two song EP in 2017 that featured Chris Tsagakis (RX Bandits, Sound of Animals Fighting) on drums, entitled Ulysses. In late 2019 he built a small studio on the property he grew up on and started recording Face Tapes, which was released in 2021.

Hunter Ellis has now released his new single “The Turn” featuring Brodie from Cathedrals. The track is described as being about the challenges of navigating a complex adult relationship as you grow older.

The song was written on acoustic guitar almost as a joke,” Hunter says. “I thought it reminded me of those indie rom coms where the characters are separated in act IV but you know they’re going to get back together in act V. I wrote some lyrics that kind of vaguely represented some relationship issues I was dealing with (I’m still happily married with a toddler!), and then kinda latched onto the card playing theme–the Turn, the River, and the Flop(ing) that I saw in each line of the bridge are a reference to that.” 

“I originally recorded all the vocals myself, but then asked my friend Brodie (who’s a wonderful singer on her own and in a project called Cathedrals) to re-record them, and she did a wonderful job. I had originally thought that I’d have both of us on there, but her voice was like a beautiful instrument that I wanted to hear, and my voice was…well…fine. Brodie also convinced me to get some real drums on it (I had some pretty extensive electronic/sampled drums originally), and so I recorded Linden Reed during my time at Prairie Sun Studios, using their beautiful Black Beauty Ludwig.” 

Finally, I got some great mixing tips from my cousin-in-law Jesse Shatkin, which really helped give the instruments the space they needed and helped to craft the overall flow. Mixed, summed, and mastered by me in my own studio, through much trial and error.”

The mesmeric journey captured within “The Turn” is truly remarkable. Affectionate and enthralling, a journey you need to embrace with all you have. The new single starts with this truly enchanting tone and sweeping melodies, pulling the audience into the center of this very immersive creation almost immediately. As the notes gain traction and the atmosphere develops, Brodie‘s harmonious vocal notes add this sincere emotional infliction amongst the lyrical course. Hooked on the words and the effect they have on the listener as they engage with the complex depth of the ensemble.

The guitar shines, bold and triumphant, the tone slices through the atmosphere with such ease and further enhances the importance of Brodie’s melody and the intimate words. The rolling drum beat captures a really organic vibrance throughout the movement whilst the composition expands and allows the warmth of the warbling looping rhythms to surge amongst the volatile landscape. As the orchestration pens such a harrowing evolution, the arrangement builds to this almighty crescendo which alters the intensity with the crashing cymbals, highlighting a dynamic change to the voyage. As the intensity shifts, the luscious ambiance emits such unique power and reflects with the mighty notes from Brodie. The collaboration is something else, a moving and expressive release that captures this truly touching soundscape, the tones exude this essential destination.

Listen to the single here – https://music.hunterellismusic.com/theturn

Hunter has also announced his forthcoming new album “Princess Daddy” which is set for release August 26th, you can pre-order the 8 track vinyl release here. Album artwork above, keep an eye on Hunter’s socials for more news.


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