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Harkin Shares New Single & Video “Driving Down A Flight Of Stairs” – New Album Out This Week!

June 13, 2022
Photo credit: Kate Leah Hewett


Shares New Single & Video “Driving Down A Flight Of Stairs”
Album ‘Honeymoon Suite’ due June 17th via Hand Mirror

With album ‘Honeymoon Suite‘ out June 17th via Hand Mirror, the label Harkin founded in 2019 with her wife, the poet Kate Leah Hewett, today Harkin is sharing the her new single from the album “Driving Down A Flight Of Stairs” alongside a video directed by Dejan Mrkic. 

Speaking about the visuals, Harkin said “This video is the product of an accidental chain of pandemic collaboration. During lockdown, my wife Kate Leah Hewett wrote a poem called ‘Driving Down A Flight Of Stairs’ inspired in part by IONE’s work and Pauline Oliveros’ deep listening practice. In response, I recorded a piece of ambient music for our Patreon which carried the same name and eventually became the final album version.

The director Dejan Mrkic heard the track and asked if he could pair it with some footage he’d shot in LA, which I thought was so beautiful and matched the expansive stillness of the track. In his words, “we reverse engineered the more traditional way of making a music video”. I was seeking peace and communal experience when I composed this track in lockdown. The geographically remote collaboration of this video feels like my call for that has been answered.”

This mesmeric and meaningful film accompanies this consuming creation from Harkin. Enveloping synth sounds gravitate in the fragile landscape and hook your full attention, the sustained notes simply soar through the sonically alluring atmosphere. This compelling depth to the release will leave you in awe as the expressive tonality intensifies and develops such intricate warmth. A lasting orchestration that embodies such clear emotive values.

Speaking about the video, director Dejan Mrkic added “The film follows a 10-year-old child (played by newcomer Ava Zane) as she searches for her presumed father in Los Angeles before she is picked up by her mother. It’s a meditation on childhood. The fluid camerawork by cinematographer Hayden Mason is complimented by BAFTA-winner Livia Ruzic’s distorted diegetic sounds to give the audience a hyper subjective experience.” 

Honeymoon Suite’ track list:
1. Body Clock
2. A New Day
3. Here Again
4. Matchless Lighting 
5. (Give Me) The Streets of Leeds 
6. Mt. Merino
7. Talk Of The Town
8. To Make Her Smile
9. Listening Out
10. Driving Down A Flight Of Stairs

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