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Girlpuppy Shares New Single “I Miss When I Smelled Like You” – Out Now via Royal Mountain Records

June 8, 2022
Photo credit: Brandon McClain

Girlpuppy Shares New Single “I Miss When I Smelled Like You”

Out Now via Royal Mountain Records

Atlanta-based musician girlpuppy has shared her first slice of new music since 2021’s debut EP Swan‘, with the video for new single ‘I Miss When I Smelled Like You‘, out now via Royal Mountain Records.

Inspired by HAIM and Stevie Nicks, girlpuppy set out to create a ‘70s-influenced summer jam, enlisting Maggie Rogers’ and Claud producer Doug Schadt and his Bushwick studio to lasso her vision. “I Miss When I Smelled Like You,” a stray line in Harvey’s songwriting notes, morphed into a yearning chorus: a pent-up desire for reconnection once love’s scent has faded.

Over a sinuous yacht rock riff, radio country leads and intricate drums from Eric Slick, Harvey’s vocal glides with confidence. Its music video, the latest in girlpuppy’s collaborations with photographer Eat Humans, sees Harvey driving Atlanta’s cul-de-sacs, slaying at Guitar Hero, and skimming a Justine Kurland photo book—self-reclamations in the hazy wake of a break up.“This song is much more pop-based–it’s so different from what I’ve made in the past and what I’ll make in the future,” says Harvey, alluding to a debut album on the horizon. “For “I Miss When I Smelled Like You” I was looking to create a summer anthem that people would dance to. It’s inspired by Stevie Nicks, HAIM, and my own experience of missing spending every single day with my ex. It’s a breakup song, but it’s not depressing. I knew he’d be a great fit because he’s so good at coming up with catchy melodies that get stuck in your head. I think people will 100% dance to it!

This sumptuous, playful rhythm and gripping tonality emerge and continue to loop with such addictive power throughout this ensemble. Girlpuppy’s dynamic vocal range soars amongst the ambitious attributes and affectionately emits this vast range of expression and complex melody throughout. Through the intricate and meaningful lyrics and the emphasis on the affection that hooks your attention, Girlpuppy continues to create such harrowing journies within their creations. The bright influx of feelings ultimately changes the course /mood for the listener, the boundaries feel lapsed, allowing that intimacy to bleed into the listeners’ path, Girlpuppy connects with all those that embrace the compelling energy of their soundscapes.

girlpuppy’s Becca Harvey knew she wanted to make music at an early age, but the path ahead wasn’t always clear. Harvey began inventing songs at age 6; the youngest of three kids, she gravitated towards her older brothers’ taste, which included Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani. At 8, she started composing parts by ear on guitar, continuing to develop her musicality in a school choir. Stadium concerts for Taylor Swift and One Direction gave her a grandiose vision of pop stardom, but it was a double bill of Girlpool and Snail Mail that introduced her to Atlanta’s indie scene, and inspired her to seriously pursue songwriting.

Last year she released her debut EP Swan, made with producer Marshall Vore who is known for his work with folk dynamo Phoebe Bridgers. The five song collection—also featuring Charlie Hickey and Atlantan psychedelic outfit Lunar Vacation—found a supportive home with Royal Mountain Records, and drew remarkable acclaim for a debut EP, earning praise from outlets like NPRFADERNylon, Paste, Under The Radar, Coup De Main and The Line of Best Fit among many others.

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