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Free Lunch Share New Single “Burnt O” & Announce New Mini-Album “Dumbwaiter” due 6th July via Devil Town Tapes | Single Premiere

June 20, 2022

Free Lunch Share New Single “Burnt O”

& Announce New Mini-Album “Dumbwaiter” due 6th July via Devil Town Tapes

Bournemouth duo Free Lunch, today unveil new single “Burnt O“, the new single and first taste of the brothers’ forthcoming mini-album “Dumbwaiter“, which is due Wednesday 6th July on limited edition cassette release/digitally via Leeds-based label Devil Town Tapes.

Henry and Ted Scanlan are the brothers that form Free Lunch, an outfit that has grown to include an ever-expanding roster of friends and regular collaborators, with the band’s live incarnation featuring Michael Rea (of Symbol Soup) and Dave ‘The Attic’ Mountain.

Free Lunch are described as drawing influences from the rich instrumentation of country music as well as the finest cuts from their dad’s record collection (think Supertramp and Neil Young).

We are delighted to share their new single “Burnt O”, streaming in full below.

“Burnt O” starts with this percussive push, a somewhat freeform structure of beats captivate your attention, before the energy simply explodes and we embrace the full journey as it weaves this immersive burst of melodic elements, cutting notes, and rich resonating tones maximized by the banjo addition. The ethereal vocal notes ooze such character, as the atmospheric vocal harmonies deliver this intoxicating rhythm throughout, the vocals, with a nod to some lo-fi attitude, seemingly find their most fragile point. It’s that fragility caught in the stirring tonality which captivates your full attention and effortlessly emplores emotions into the course. This is carefully crafted songwriting, creating this world that exudes this familiar feeling, a place of connection that is filled with warmth and an infectious journey, Free Lunch produces this atmosphere that feels intimate yet mighty. The sweeping melodies and the bright instrumentation provide the fitting landscape for the poetic lyricism to soar amongst the picturesque vibrance.

The new single from Free Lunch proudly captures such distinct authenticity. Immediately alluring the audience into the center of their hazy soundscape, a vast world bursting with Americana roots, blues credibility, and this sublime folk infliction. A truly expressive landscape that grows, intensifies, adapts, and progresses with this intermixing charm reflecting from each carefully constructed attribute that forms this composition.

The quality of this single release gives this promising taste of what will be a masterpiece record. Free Lunch are your new favourite band and if this single is anything to go by, their legacy is set to thrive.

The track is taken from their upcoming release “Dumbwaiter”, which the duo liken to “an audio scrapbook of characters – mostly loners and oddballs, but each with a heart of gold”. Stepping into the studio for the first time, Free Lunch recorded the release in South London at The Attic Sounds with the help of engineer, co-producer and bassist Dave Mountain.

The new release is due via the wonderful label Devil Town Tapes. Devil Town Tapes continue to dedicate themselves to promoting music from across the globe and issuing releases on cassette format, the label’s release history features such a stellar range of artists, Free Lunch join their shelves 6th July, pre-orders here- https://deviltowntapes.bandcamp.com/album/dumbwaiter




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