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Foxxglove Releases New Collaborative Single “Awyr / Himmel / Sky” Ft. Minas, CHAiLD & Turnup Tun

June 21, 2022

Foxxglove Releases New Billingual Collaborative Single “Awyr / Himmel / Sky” Ft. Minas, CHAiLD & Turnup Tun

Foxxglove releases a brand new bilingual collaborative single, a project brought to you by Wales’ Horizons and Luxembourg’s Kultur lx. Brought Foxxglove and artists & producer Minas from Wales and artist CHAiLD and artist & producer Turnup Tun from Luxembourg together to create a euphoric pop/dance track all done online over Zoom.

The new single is out now and streaming below. Speaking of the track Foxxglove shares:

I was so so excited when I got asked to do this, I’ve worked with Minas before on all my songs and I’m so glad they asked us to do this together. It was so interesting to meet and write a song online with people I’d never met before. CHAiLD and Turnup Tun were so lovely. Me and CHAiLD started writing and coming up with ideas first, the concept first came to me from a songwriting workshop I’d been hosting with Operasonic, I wanted it to be a fun and uplifting song, I was feeling very positive and motivated at the beginning of the year and wanted that to come across in the song. I was also heavily inspired by the show Euphoria at the time and the music on that so I wanted to emulate that feeling. I told Minas and Turnup Tun that I wanted it to sound like 2015/2016 summer vibes and I think they got that exactly (If you know, you know).

Me and CHAiLD decided to write the lyrics in English, Welsh and Luxembourgish as we both predominantly write in english at the moment but wanted to embrace our identity and culture and I love the fact it has all three in the track. Inspired by summer nights, feeling young and free, like you can touch the sky.”

The energy from this creation just enthralls the audience. Present within the euphoric journey and a true masterpiece of collaborative creativity. Sweeping notes provide this stirring sensation as the chimes resonate in the expressive landscape, experimental twists and turns, and this sonically surging intensity that dazzles with such clarity throughout.

From Foxxglove‘s initial broad melody that grabs your attention and weaves such sincere affection into this ambitious arrangement, the audience embraces the complex voyage of this pop-infused hit. The contrast of the delicate higher tones from Foxxglove is enhanced by the baritone harmonies which bring a shift to the exploration. When the consuming and emotive vocals take on space, the budding electronica takes hold of the journey and adds this impressive influx. The new release is deceptively layered and rich, filled with grandeur, moving cadence, and this lasting influence.

Foxxglove is an alt / dark pop artist from Ferndale in the South Wales Valleys, based in Cardiff. Taking inspiration from her own life experiences, film and art to tell a story that captures people’s hearts; her raw and open emotion seeps through every part of her music. Since debuting as an artist she has achieved so much from her very first performance in July 2019, playing Swn Festival and Focus Wales Festival. Her third single ‘High on Hope’ got played on Tom Robinson’s show on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Catch Foxxglove live at her next performance- Rebel Fest 1st of July at Tiny Rebel Brewery Bar. Tickets here



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