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Ellie Bleach Shares New Single “Big Strong Man” – Debut EP “No Elegant Way To Sell Out” due 6th October via Sad Club Records

June 16, 2022
Photo credit: Willow Shields 

Ellie Bleach Shares New Single “Big Strong Man”

Debut EP “No Elegant Way To Sell Out” due 6th October via Sad Club Records

Ellie Bleach shares new single ‘Big Strong Man’ and announces details of her debut EP, No Elegant Way ToSell Out, set for release October 6thvia the London based tastemaker label Sad Club Records (Clara Mann/John Myrtle). 

Raised in the seaside commuter town of Southend, Ellie Bleach draws from the rotating cast of bizarre, lonely characters that exist within suburbia — crafting an indie-meets-baroque-pop sound that melds witty lyricism with the strangeness of modern life. Hotly tipped by the likes of The Line Of Best Fit So Young Magazine, and recently handpicked by Black Country New Road for their own personally curated festival this autumn; Ellie Bleach is braced for a busy 12 months.

Big Strong Man‘ is described as channelling the spirit of Tobias Jesso Jnr, the warm production of Harry Nilson and the nonchalant and knowing delivery of Angel Olsen. A sprawling five-minute tour-de-force of a song, ‘Big Strong Man’encapsulates and explores the various stages of a doomed romance. 

On ‘Big Strong Man‘, Ellie offers the following “‘Big Strong Man’ is my most sincere song of my releases.  It’s about the divine relief of admitting defeat. On the surface level it’s quite a bitter song, but I like to think there’s a kind of optimistic nihilism to it. It’s saying, ‘okay, whatever. I give up. You carry on being a tortured genius. See you around.’” 

The intro of piano keys resonates all you need to compare this release to one of the most powerful classics. Hooked on the theatrical intro the exploration grows and intensifies, Ellie emerges with her unique and prolific vocal harmony and undeniable charm, Ellie’s dynamic vocal range explores this commendable range. Whilst the intoxicating vocal harmonies infuse this infectious attitude and array of emotion, the atmosphere shifts to this energetic poise.

Ellie Bleach perfectly captures this compelling contrast of darkness and light within their arrangement. Whilst the intimate lyrics capture this raw, almost delicate touch, Bleach explores such immersive power throughout the composition, a necessary trait. Ellie delivers this mighty composition facing the sad reality of womanhood, vulnerability, acceptance, and pessimism whilst fearlessly delivering all of the above with this brooding courage. Relatable and executed with this truly iconic touch.

Ellie Bleach is ready to capture hearts and minds across the world, a dominant artist ready to release a forthcoming masterpiece.

Taught piano by a pet healer at an early age, a wry, humorous vein runs through Ellie Bleach’s music; weaving confessional songwriting with an old school showmanship that spans light whimsy to grandiose theatricality. Inspired by leading female songwriters of the 90s, from Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey to Alanis Morrissette, Ellie Bleach’s charming facade and razor-sharp satire harbours a biting cynicism that lingers restlessly in the wings.

The EP title, No Elegant Way To Sell Out refers to a lyric from the first verse of ‘Precious Feelings‘ and is emblematic of the whole EP. “I see ‘selling out’ as abandoning oneself in pursuit of success, in whatever form that may be. Whether it’s romantic love or industry acclaim, all of the characters in the EP are desperate to be understood and appreciated.” says Bleach.

The production on the EP was inspired by soft rock and easy listening of the 70s and early 80s. The production on ‘Tupperware Party‘ and ‘Precious Feelings’ lean towards pastiche, Bleach describes wanting to “paint a vivid picture of the stories told in the lyrics.” ‘Tupperware Party’ features big 80s drums and guitar solos in accordance with a the songs story set in 1985, ‘Precious Feelings’ features Bossa-nova rhythms and smooth Rhodes, as if on a cruise ship with the narrator. 

The cover art (designed by Eleni Papachristodulou) was based on a photograph of William Marriott, who travelled round exposing fraudulent mediums and psychics in the early 1900s. 

1. Tupperware Party
2. Precious Feelings
3. Doing Really Well Thanks
4. Something Wrong
5. Big Strong Man



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