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Dummy Release Two New Tracks For Sub Pop Singles Club | Single Feature

June 12, 2022
7inch art by Emma Maatman/Dummy

Dummy Release Two New Tracks For Sub Pop Singles Club

One of our highlights from 2021 without a doubt had to be the introduction to the LA Avant-pop-based band Dummy. After following the outfit throughout the summer of last year, it was the phenomenal Autumnal debut album release that altered our year in music, for the better.

The immense outfit released their 12-track album Mandatory Enjoyment via Trouble In Mind Records and this record quickly established itself as one of the most crucial records of 2021. Respectfully exploring this ambitious world that captures their fearless energy and flawless songwriting skills. Dummy creates these deep and immersive ensembles filled with a plethora of addictive tones and creative passages. 

The band consists of Emma, Nathan, Mark, Alex and Joe and now Dummy have returned with the release of 2 new tracks as part of the iconic Sub Pop Singles Club.

The new release is described as follows; the A-Side, “Mono Retriever” is a baroque-drone-pop rager that imagines what a punk Free Design song might sound like. The lyrics criticize the corporate greenwashing and dishonesty at the root of ecological devastation. On the B-Side, “Pepsi Vacuum” the band experiments with sampling and digital editing, taking inspiration from 90’s ambient and chill-out music. As a lyrical counterpoint, “Pepsi Vacuum” is about the spirituality of nature; the powerful feeling of universality and connection, down to the molecular level. The two songs function as mirrors, referencing the other musically, and both sharing oceanic lyrical themes.

A-Side, “Mono Retriever” builds on the explosive nature of the contrasting dual-vocals and the deep lyrics, both vocals obliterating their own pathway and uniting at peak points throughout. The reverb-rich guitar tone emerges for the first few chords that sweep into focus, feedback wailing in the atmosphere, the rhythms enhance, building and gaining power, joined by the intense pace and consuming percussive shuffles on the drum kit. As the journey progresses the ambiance delves further into experimental elements, the tweaks and tones offer this almighty sonic surge raring up throughout the plentiful arrangement. This raw release immediately conveys this critical voyage and addictive qualities. The intensity and kaleidoscopic passages elevate the importance of this exploration. Hypnotic tendencies hook the listener and they are floored by the collaborative energy from each musician. Alongside this, a real punk value is explored and ultimately offers a devious nature that shines throughout.

Dummy are on top form as per.

B-Side “Pepsi Vacuum” follows. Immediately the atmosphere emits this dynamic alteration from the first release, built on the jaunty tones that commence the exploration. The sustained bars reflect this impressive warmth into the creation. The convoluted bass notes and mighty tone bring this expressive depth to the ensemble. Delicate vocal harmonies glide above the labyrinth of intricate layers used to create this alluring ambiance. Dummy showcases this tender touch via the ethereal harmonies, the mesmeric musicianship hooks the audience’s full attention whilst this robust volatile essence devours the journey. As you embrace the fragility of the hypnotizing creation, its the sudden and very unpredictable surge of intensity that floors you, a cosmic soundscape committed to captivating your world.

The new release came out June 10th, via Sub Pop and can be found here – https://megamart.subpop.com/collections/dummy/products/dummy_mono-retriever

Dummy are setting off on their Summer tour next month which includes live shows with Horsegirl and Lifeguard. Full dates below:



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