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Chroma Set To Release Double A-Side Single “Weithiau / Caru. Cyffuriau.’” Due 24th June via Libertino Records | Release Feature

June 12, 2022
 Bethan Miller

Chroma Set To Release Double A-Side Single “Weithiau / Caru. Cyffuriau.” Due 24th June via Libertino Records

After joining the prolific Libertino Records label family, Pontypridd trio Chroma are set to release their new Double-A side single ‘Weithiau / Caru. Cyffuriau’ due 24th June.

Weithiau’ (Sometimes) is described as an emotionally powerful song that is one-half of Chroma‘s Double-A single ‘Weithiau / Caru. Cyffuriau‘. The songs were recorded live to capture the versatile and energetic sound of the Valleys trio by producer Kris Jenkins (Cate Le Bon, SFA, Gruff Rhys).

“‘Weithiau’ is about ending a relationship with someone that you love deeply. The process of coming to terms with the fact that the relationship doesn’t work, and putting your self first in that situation.” – Katie Hall, Chroma.  

In perfect musical contrast to the sometimes melancholy ‘Weithiau’, ‘Caru, Cyffuriau’ is a non-stop ‘in your face’ punk song about being a teenager in the South Wales Valleys.

Libertino · Chroma – Weithiau

“Weithiau” is a truly compelling exploration. The audience immediately embraces the emotional cadence that spurs throughout this release, resonating from the triumphant vocal range from Hall. Delivering this fragility yet ample harmonic range, you’ll be hooked on the affection which reflects with such power from Hall’s expressive notes. Surrounding that powerful tonality, the fierce instrumentation embraces the journey. A blazing exploration filled with this raw accent from every musician pioneering the devouring arrangement. The release, hand in hand, captures both power and fragility, melody meets this cacophony of fast-moving, abrasive resonance. The surging, scratchy overdrive guitar rhythms emphasized by the cadence of crashing cymbals and defiant drum hits.

Libertino · Chroma – Caru Cyffuriau

Caru. Cyfffuriau. is a song about being a naughty teenager in the valleys experimenting with drugs and sex because there’s not much else to do. I think there needs to be more stuff going on so young people don’t feel so isolated. We wanted to write a welsh language punk song that reflects young people’s lived experience today.” – Katie Hall, Chroma

“Caru. Cyffuriau” immediately escalates into this hard-hitting, erosive exploration, a world away from the single which flowed first. This daring quality devours the darting density of this colossal creation. It’s abrupt whilst capturing this snarling aggression growing and shifting throughout, perfectly allowing the punk attributes to surge. This infectious attitude of this outfit is captured with such ease throughout this ensemble and proudly alters the listener’s own mood, inspiring the audience’s own temperament to react to the values of this creation. Gritty instrumentation and the most impressive attitude reflect the fearless persona throughout.

The range that Chroma captures in their musicianship proves the importance of this vital trio, their energy simply intoxicating.

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