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Accü Set To Release New EP “Follow The Ivy” -Out Friday 10th June via Libertino Records | Release Feature

June 8, 2022

Accü Set To Release New EP “Follow The Ivy”

Out Friday 10th June via Libertino Records

‘Accü’ Announces new ‘Follow The Ivy’ EP Out 10th June via Libertino Records.

Follow The Ivy‘ is described as seeing Accü at her most vulnerable, letting the music guide her to a place of healing from the outside world’s sharp unruly edges. Instrumental and melodically rich songs that feel like a new start, a new chapter for this captivating and magical of artists.  Accü is the multifaceted, genre-bending solo project of Cardiff-based musician and producer Angharad Van Rijswijk.

“’Follow The Ivy’ was birthed in the complete hiding and confinements of our collective modern times. Grasping the vine – to swing and detach from this realm and to wander alone inside the inner forest – comfortingly with no destination in mind.” – Accü

The new EP kicks off proceedings with the single ‘Maes Y Creigiau‘, the first taste of the new record. Starting with this immersive percussion, bright and buoyant, the rhythms join the atmosphere and bring this gentle warble within the sustain notes. That warble and the tone emit this plentiful vibrance, the melody shifts and in doing so becomes this addictive attribute. Experimental elements join the soundscape, with fun yet hypnotic hooks. The beat intensifies, and this illustrious instrumentation captures its own immersive atmospherics, as the release focuses on the hypnotic passages and light loops, the audience’s attention is fixated on this explosive journey. The tonality shifts exploring such decadent textures which cut through the ambiance with ease before this raw sample/sound recording soars amongst the final few visceral notes.

As soon as the single fades out, you’ll be left actively wishing to be amongst the rich landscape once more. The release offers this mixture of electronic sounds, exotic percussion, and progressive beats.

Libertino · Accü – Maes Y Creigiau

The EP’s title track “Follow The Ivy” follows, immediately this dynamic shift steers into the new instrumentation with this cutting tone devouring the ambiance with the sonically alluring waves. As you embrace the brooding notes and join the journey the affection suddenly alters the course with the addition of the magical strings, those elegant strings progress as they are plucked, and shimmering notes resonate and add this ethereal touch to the dreamy landscape. The track is steeped in alternating passages from delicate melodies to twinkling tones. Soaked in electronic moods and this hazy touch. The mixtures of tones within “Follow The Ivy” naturally emit some spiritual essence, uplifting and mystical. The composition provides this devouring vision formed from the tonality and lasting, magical influence.

An Ode To If” showcases a more complex, contemporary orchestration. Still focusing on the hypnotic prowess of the repetitive structure and whirling melodies that flourish throughout the mesmeric movement. A shorter track that distinguishes this artist’s ability to abruptly move the audience with ease into the midst of the cosmic soundscape, shifting from vibrant and charming to unexpectedly allowing this surge of obscurity to erupt at the final crescendo. The ensemble feels longer as the audience finds themselves truly transfixed by the kaleidoscopic pattern.

Finally, the record finishes on “Fall To Grow”, this very tender, fragile yet soothing soundscape. A call and response effect built from vocal notes and gentle chimes, meandering through this vital voyage. A gem of a composition, minimalist attributes portray such authentic emotion. A truly immersive composition with this emphatically sincere drive. The sweeter resonance cultivates this dazzling effect. The EP ends on this blissful arrangement.

The EP powerfully captures an ambitious world, a collection of tracks that embrace this organic climate. Accü clearly draws from such deep influences and connections to the surroundings to meticulously assemble this lush landscape built on touchable textures. The choice of textures and colourful tones shape the emotional cadence of this record and allow a gorgeous examination on the intimacy of the natural pieces. It’s reflective, warm, and imperative.

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