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Pink Blob Share New Single “Waiting For Your Call”

May 15, 2022
Nathan Cyprys

Pink Blob (ex-Weaves members)

Shares new single “Waiting For Your Call”

Legendary band Weaves have been quiet for some time as members branch out for new efforts, today we are thrilled to introduce you to Pink Blob, which is the new duo from ex-Weaves members, Morgan Waters and Spencer Cole. The new Toronto-based hyper-rock project have unveiled their debut single “Waiting For Your Call”.

Formed during a global meltdown through equal parts love and revenge, Pink Blob is bent pop music formed through colliding genres and covered in a layer of scuzzy guitars and shredding drums.

Pink Blob is all our favorite music put together in a blender. The goal is to combine the macho and the feminine, the heavy and the hooky, the weird and the conventional, and make it all very pink and very blobby” explains Waters.

He continues to say: “‘Waiting For Your Call’ is an anthem for the lonely, blasting in the Glastonbury of my mind. I was down in the dumps and thought making something as hooky and high energy as Aqua would bring me back. This song’s for the people with love to give and no one to receive it.”

Kicking off with the most ferocious and raucous drum beat, the melody soon emerges and hooks the audience. This refreshing masterpiece showcases the experimental nature of the duo and their immersive energy.

Intoxicating guitar rhythms soar through the plentiful textures and the compelling percussion driving the infectious exploration with this rapid effort. As the track blasts through its cutting anthemic structure, the sudden and dynamic change to the tempo brings this mesmeric alteration, almost offering this vulnerable side to their chaotic composition before the intensity ramps up once more for the blazing crescendo. This fun, melodic and unruly creation captures such an explosive commitment from start to finish, the soundscape from this pair is gargantuan, impressing with the monumental structure of the journey and the unlimited range from Pink Blob.

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