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Luna Rosa Releases New Single “Brutal Nature”- Out Now via Vandalism Begins At Home Records

May 15, 2022

Luna Rosa Releases New Single “Brutal Nature”

Out Now via Vandalism Begins At Home Records

Northamptonshire quartet Luna Rosa return with their explosive new single “Brutal Nature”. The outfit are described as being purveyors of sonic musical forces and punk-rock poetry. Rory McDade, frontman and guitarist, says, “We’re mutts, we’re mongrels, products of a steel town fucked and forgotten.We’ve got nothing to lose. We aren’t privy to handouts, so we’ve got to take what we deserve through our own conviction and fortitude.”

The new single is the title track of their highly anticipated, forthcoming EP which is due 17th June via Vandalism Begins At Home Records. The new track was dropped Friday 13th May and showcases Luna Rosa’s blazing energy.

Immediately, Luna Rosa sweeps the audience into the center of this ferocious current, from the first note this crucial element captivates all, as this obliterating journey dazzles. The complex bass notes and low-end add this cutting affirmation to the arrangement, this ominous world engulfs the listener, hooked on the mesmeric, brooding vocal notes and narration. The expressive landscape grows, intensifies, and ultimately impresses due to the scope of its vast structure. Unruly guitar rhythms emerge as the track is carried along by the strong percussion, experimental passages, and all punctuated by the flurry of melodies. This rapid beat and surging tones manipulate the vibe of the vision.

Luna Rosa have created this cinematic orchestration that perfectly captures aggression and this apocalyptic energy. The outfit captures this compulsive course, continuously exploring the boundaries of the power each of these musicians conveys. A sonically alluring arrangement with the most infatuating vocalist guiding the audience’s affection and complete attention, into the midst of this mammoth creation.

This defiant group will soon dominate your world with their forthcoming record, judging by the fierce single, this record is destined to grip you.




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