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Langkamer Release New Single “Soul Bucket” – Out Now via Breakfast Records

May 12, 2022

Langkamer Release New Single “Soul Bucket”

Out Now via Breakfast Records

Following the release of their standalone single ‘Teeth’ which came out in February 2022, Langkamer have returned with the release of their downtempo followup in ‘Soul Bucket’, described as drawing on their folk roots to craft a sincere rumination on the inescapable realities of time. Written and recorded alongside its predecessor with producer Tim Rowing-Parker, it showcases the band’s commitment to genreless songwriting, imbuing their trademark blend of country, rock and indie with an emotional depth befitting the track’s themes. 

Langkamer showcase this slower composition which offers a wealth of affection, immersive lyrics, and this resonating guitar tone that plays into the ultimate hook for this composition. The emotive-led exploration allows the folk-influence to shine throughout, with the help of the intricate guitar notes, shifting to the banjo feature for the cathartic finale. Softer drum shuffles move the voyage gently but the focus is on the lyrics and vocal harmonies that soar throughout. A sense of connection can be found from the listeners to the outfit with the inclusion of a familiar worded nursery rhyme, reinvented to explore this tender, adult theme. “Soul Bucket” takes on the topic of aging and life, harmoniously delivering this infectious and raw release that captures the complexity of this outfit and their vibrant energy.

Singer Josh Jarman states: “Soul Bucket is an ode to ageing. To realising that the time is rolling away from you and you can’t catch up no matter how fast you run. We’re distracted by our petty problems and when we look back we realise it’s been months, years.

Langkamer, simply put, are one of the best outfits out there right now, a name you need to be sharing, embrace their releases with all you have.





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