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Helen Ganya Releases “Heart To Heart Mirage EP” & Shares Video For “Haze / Revolution”

May 16, 2022

Helen Ganya Releases “Heart To Heart Mirage EP”

& Shares Video For “Haze / Revolution”

Helen Ganya, who previously recorded under the name Dog In The Snow, has now released a new 4-track EP, titled Heart to Heart Mirage.

Of the EP Helen says: “Heart to Heart Mirage is a collection of four songs written to accompany and precede the next album, crafted around similar imagery and themes but standing alone as an independent collection. The title comes from a lyric in the song ‘Haze/revolution’ which lent itself well thematically.”

To celebrate the release Ganya has shared a video for ‘Haze / Revolution’, a track that “explores what counts as meaningful (or meaningless) in such non-material and divided times. This song contains the title of the EP – Heart to Heart Mirage – a line that I felt thematically connected all four songs together. Exploring that liminal space of understanding (or trying to understand) between yourself and another.

Helen offers up a ferocious and consuming composition, filled with raw, abrupt, and abrasive tonality and challenging yet complex passages. This dedicated percussive flurry keeps the fierce influence at the forefront whilst Helen’s melodic vocal harmonies cover this mighty range throughout, fluctuating the tender notes and captivating your full attention throughout the lyrical course. Haze/Revolution has this intoxicating energy throughout, a hypnotic and vast arrangement.

The enthralling magic captured above can be found in the new EP streaming below, a beautiful and powerful record:

Born to a Thai mother and Scottish father, Helen Ganya spent her formative years in Singapore before returning to the UK, settling in Brighton. As a teenager, learning guitar and discovering GarageBand simultaneously became a gateway into songwriting. She absorbed influences such as Sufjan Stevens, Scott Walker, David Lynch, Clint Mansell and Brian Eno: brooding, immersive and filmic universes that helped transcend her ongoing sense of fragmented identity, of being mixed race.

Since moving to Brighton, Helen has been a session player for bands such as Fear Of Men as well as Lost Horizons – the project of Bella Union’s label boss Simon Raymonde. After a short-run debut record, she signed to Bella Union and released her first album proper, Vanishing Lands, a haunting and luminous collection of songs covering themes of environmental destruction, lifted by euphoric melodies and absorbing lyrics.

In a rave review MOJO said this of the album: “Echoing the rich gothic drama of 80’s post-punk, the aerial swirl of 90s dream-pop and Kate Bush, Vanishing Lands unfolds in a dreamlike manner.” It was also specially selected by Tim Burgess for one of his Listening Parties during the height of lockdown.

Since the pandemic, Helen felt a sense of panic and urgency surrounding anti-Asian hate that re-surfaced and amplified in western societies due to Covid. This partly inspired the name change from Dog In The Snow to Helen Ganya to reflect the importance of visibility “particularly for those that move in predominantly white spaces”. She now also runs a regular radio show on Brighton’s Slack City radio called Mixed Tapes which showcases music from musicians of colour in the independent music world as well as interviews with POCs in different parts of the music industry. She has since returned to school and is currently finishing a Master of Science in Climate Change, a subject matter that has been a recurring theme in much of her music.

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