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Discover Midding- Clwb Fuzz Change Their Name & Release New Double A-Side Single

May 29, 2022
Photo by Sam Stevens and Sion Rees

Discover Midding

Clwb Fuzz Change Their Name & Release New Single

2 years ago we first introduced you to the tantalizing sounds of Clwb Fuzz, fast-forward to now and the outfit has evolved during that time. As a result, the now Cardiff-based five-piece have confirmed their name change, discover Midding.

The first release under the new moniker is a double A-side single featuring ‘Figurehead’ and ‘Rain Down’. Your first taste to the next chapter of this band.

The Cardiff-based five-piece decided on the name-change for a number of reasons, but mainly because they didn’t want to be stuck with a name they chose fairly randomly when they were younger.

“We’ve all matured (a bit) since and just wanted a fresh start,” explains singer and guitarist Joe Woodward“We will still be the same band, just in a different body. It’s like Clwb Fuzz was a caterpillar and now Midding is us transforming into some weird fucked-up butterfly, with a slight hangover and bags under its eyes.”

The new track “Figurehead“, streaming above, perfectly showcases the progression of this outfit. A blistering creation with this unpredictable theme. It’s dark, brooding, and above all ferocious. This mighty drum shuffle initiates the exploration joined with intensive and raucous riffs, constant buoyant basslines, and this sonically engrossing landscape. Filled with a plethora of raw tonality and driving rhythms. The track aggressively powers through this challenging environment, dynamically shifting through this course of unpredictable tempos, swaying break-downs, and immersive psych passages to more abrasive intensive bursts. The audience is first hooked on the ethereal vocal notes of Emily Kocan, this alluring presence defies the atmosphere as we all embrace the softer vocal harmonies, as the track develops we hear a contrast from the dual-vocals, covering the higher notes to the low baritone notes. The journey devours you, an experimental exploration with this almighty energy present throughout every attribute.

The other track shared from their double-A side is “Rain Down“, a softer, more calmer composition that proudly captures the compelling range of Midding. Described as being influenced equally by The La’s and Lee Hazlewood’s duets with Nancy Sinatra.

The acoustic notes shine throughout the ambitious atmosphere, harmonies accentuate the expressive world created from the rich tones and gentle movement. The focus is on the chemistry provided by the dual harmonies and the compelling lyrics. Midding focuses on their ability to create such a moving exploration that is equal parts hypnotic and sensual, a skill from their former life, reinstated with this formidable execution in their new single. A rhythmic sensation.

Midding play the following live dates:

June 3-5 – Port Talbot – In It Together Festival

June 10 – Cardiff – Porter’s

July 9 – Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach

July 21-24 – Herefordshire – Nozstock Festival

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