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Cassels- “A Gut Feeling” – Out Now via God Unknown Records – Album Review | Gavin Brown

May 9, 2022


A Gut Feeling

New Album Out Now via God Unknown Records

London two-piece Cassels follow their 2019 album The Perfect Ending with their third, latest, and ultimately best album to date, A Gut Feeling. The band which consists of brothers Loz and Jim have constantly made quality albums but this one is definitely the most assured and well-crafted record so far.

Cassels plays from the heart and the songs on A Gut Feeling are delivered passionately and with the right amount of sneering fire and a hint of sarcasm all slivered in an intelligent manner.

The pounding Your Humble Narrator kicks things off with a discordant feel from the start and the nagging beat works well as it creates a disorienting feeling before the striking spoken word vocals kick in and a marching groove takes over and its a hell of a way to start the album. From then on in, that bold and brilliant opening track morphs into more of the same with every track that follows and it’s that collision of post-punk grooves and well thought out and fiery lyrics delivered almost spoken-word style with an assured confidence that elevates Cassels with this album. The tracks on A Gut Feeling have an epic feel to them and there are so many ideas going on that are impressively delivered with consummate ease.

Tracks like Petes Vile Colleague, Mr Henderson Coughs and Michaels Daily Commute have so many ideas going on in them, that there is a chance that, at times, it could sound messy but the way they are delivered, you can’t help but be enchanted by their brilliance and there is a unique and quaint relatability about them that you can’t help but love.

Tracks like Family Visits Relative, Dog Drops Bone and the closing Sarah Misses Them have a certain somber nature and even a tinged sadness about them but this only adds another layer of emotion to A Gut Feeling, and the whole album is packed full of different emotions throughout its duration.

Cassels have said that they make music for misanthropes and malcontents and on the strength of the material on A Gut Feeling, they have made an album jam-packed full of anthems for the disenchanted that can be fiery but is still full of certain defiant hope.

Cassels A Gut Feeling Out Now on God Unknown Records



Words: Gavin Brown

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