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Zen Mother Share New Single “Henri Matisse” Taken From Forthcoming Album “Millennial Garbage Preach” Out May 6th via Weyrd Son Records | Single Premiere

April 21, 2022

Zen Mother Share New Single “Henri Matisse”

Taken From Forthcoming Album “Millennial Garbage Preach”

Out May 6th via Weyrd Son Records

Next month will see the official release of Zen Mother‘s third full-length release “Millenial Garbage Preach”, a 7-track album that will soon become your firm favourite record of 2022. The record is due digitally on May 6th via Weyrd Son Records and pre-orders for the physical release can be found here.

The new album was produced by Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Sunn O))), Kayo Dot), of the new record- the group learned how to distill the most potent aspects of their sound through years of vagabond touring and have refined their approach accordingly. That ongoing refinement hasn’t stifled Zen Mother’s love for the grandiose— as evidenced by their acclaimed original score to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain (released in 2019 under the title The Ascent). “I think we are possibly less experimental in our compositional style now,” Khot says of their current work.  Zen Mother continues, “We came to our good friend Randall Dunn with fully produced demos for Millennial Garbage Preach with the 5k frequencies blaring, the wrong elements too high in the mix and Randall produced this record into the dark gauze of anguish it needed to be. Tears were shed, Sheridan Riley (our drummer) just flew in from Japan two days before, Monika had strep throat the whole time… we all felt like we were on acid throughout the making of the record.”  

Today, the fierce Brooklyn-based synthpop outfit shares their record opener “Henri Matisse”, we are delighted to share the new single streaming below:

Angular sonic bursts of elongating synth notes chime down with the acoustic guitar, bringing this immediate contrast of aggressive textures with the gentle sweeping guitar tones. The vocal melody asserts itself within the expressive composition. Skewed attributes layer up the mesmeric creation as the lyrics offer this repetitive, hypnotic force. As Zen Mother focuses on creating this dark, intense exploration, the pulsating tones interspersed with the hypnotic harmonies provide this intoxicating journey.

You’ll be hooked on the ambitious atmosphere of this ensemble, Zen Mother continues to sculpt this ever-growing landscape as the attention dynamically shifts and the track builds itself up to the explosive crescendo, maximizing the course with the addition of the dominating synth notes fortifying the darker complexities of the creation. The percussive force adds such grandeur to the movement, the ghostly synth motifs, and infectious force provide this frenetic opener. Zen Mother‘s vision is nothing short of monumental.

The single captures the fierce energy of this outfit and their immense attention to detail, affection sweeps into focus from the dreamy vocal notes, brooding yet tender, delivering the lyrics with this cutting affection, whilst the dark, melodic layers expressively emphasize the complexity of this arrangement.

Sitting as the opener in the tracklisting for the forthcoming record, the position of “Henri Matisse” commands your attention and enthralls the listener for the sonically alluring journey. Zen Mother are about to release one of the most flawless mind-bending musical creations.

Millenial Garbage Preach Track Listing

01. Henri Matisse
02. Sleep
03. Order
04. The Pharmacy
05. Vengeance
06. Lil Jesus
07. The Fugitive




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