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Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Shares New Video For Single “Montreal (Watch Me Bending)”

April 28, 2022

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang Shares New Video For Single “Montreal (Watch Me Bending)”

Following the phenomenal new release of single “Montreal (Watch Me Bending)”, which dropped at the start of April, Seán Grant and the Wolfgang return with a new video to accompany the single release, which is out via new label home VBAH Records. The new single is the first taste of Grant’s forthcoming album ‘333’ which VBAH describes as a daring dose of darkgaze that treads a new path to enlightenment.

The new single engulfs the audience immediately. Pelting the listener into the centre of this mammoth creation, initiating the intense journey with the most visceral of textures, bold, dark, cutting. The thunderous synth notes layer this deep, deep, unstoppable low-end whilst the rolling, progressive drum beat staggers the intensity and emphasises the complex depth of this vast ensemble.

The thick tones sculpt the immersive landscape and Seán enters the formidable atmosphere with the contrasting vocal notes and addictive pull to those rich harmonies. Raw lyrics hook the audience as Seán’s vocal melodies bring this delicate, intimate influence into the release. Allowing this stark distinction between the brooding tonality and the honest lyrical values, Grant’s dynamic vocal range twists and turns throughout the composition, and the notes ooze such charisma. When the exploration suddenly slows to break, adding this immediate re-introduction to silence, the audience finds themselves on the back-foot as the journey takes an unpredictable route before the sudden explosive array of attributes unites and ramp up the chaos once more. Somehow returning to the journey with more aggression, heaviness, and power.

Seán Grant and the Wolfgang capture their unstoppable force within their new release, proving yet agin their progression as an outfit naturally sharpens. Their showmanship blazes their crushing ambiance, the songwriting provides this world you can easily connect to. The emotion of this artist intimately weaved throughout the forefront of the soundscape embraced and affected by all.

Following up from one of the most influential releases of 2021 with the album “33″, the forthcoming new album “333” will be one for the ages, a release that will shape out the rest of your musical year. Teaming up with the impressive Vandalism Begins At Home Records, the collaboration will welcome the new record July 8th.

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