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Piney Gir Releases New Single “Alchemy Hand”- Out Now via Reckless Yes

April 5, 2022

Piney Gir Releases New Single “Alchemy Hand”- Out Now via Reckless Yes

Piney Gir, who the Independent rightly called a “transatlantic pop guru”, makes a return with the new single ‘Alchemy Hand’, which was released digitally via Reckless Yes on 4 April 2022 and is available across streaming platforms now. The single marks the first taste of the forthcoming EP also of the same name and is due for release in June.

Piney Gir has also been announced as support for the sold out Gaz Coombes (Supergrass) tour across the UK this month. 

Labelled the ‘indie Dolly Parton’ Piney Gir said of the single ‘Alchemy Hand’, “I’m always looking for magic in nature and everyday life. I love how the Hand of Mysteries (aka Alchemy Hand) symbolises a recipe using the primes of alchemy: sulphur, mercury and salt. Legend has it that these elements combined will transform lead into gold and man into god. 

I don’t take that literally but combining these elements may manifest an affinity with the divine and spiritual riches if you put that intention out there. The union of these energies creates a stronger sense of togetherness, sparks a feeling of connection and that gives me hope.”

Taking the exploration of spirituality forward from the music, Piney shares her own practice, the inspiration from which echoes through the lyrics of the track. She said, “If you want to make your own ‘Alchemy Hand’ shrine, it only takes three elements, but you can add more bits and bobs to personalise your shrine: 

  • Salt: I use Himalayan rose salt because it’s pretty but any salt would do
  • Mercury: anything representing the sea and/or water. I have a little hand-crafted clay mermaid dish that I keep a few trinkets in (the trinkets have personal meaning to me), but a seashell or a rock from the beach, a piece of aquamarine, a pearl, or even just a little thimble of water would work
  • Sulphur: light a match – the sparks reveal a magic moment.”

Immediately the audience is pulled into the cosmic whirling that initiates the striking atmosphere, the motion and experimental cadence start quiet, somewhat calmer, emphasized by the marching percussion and low end. That marching momentum escalates into the expressive ensemble, as the intensity increases and Piney Gir‘s fierce lyrics soar above the complex landscape, the dynamic shifts, twists, and turns all occupy the audiences’ full attention. Embracing the chorus and repeated lyrics this is the Alchemy Hand, the notes and the vocal harmonies add this infectious energy to the vision, lyrically creating this pure visualization for the release. The vital harmonies showcase this impressive prowess. As the stirring rhythms explode towards the heightened crescendo of this creation, the tonality captures such magic with a nod to the swinging 60s too.

Piney Gir continues to explore a range of influences within her craft, determined to capture the enchanting affection Piney Gir exudes into her music. Another impressive ensemble, the single leads into the new EP which is due 24th June. A 4 track release we know will leave this remarkable imprint on 2022.

Piney Gir will be playing across the UK in April, opening dates on the sold out tour for Gaz Coombes (Supergrass) as well as supporting Salad:

Live dates

9 April – Colchester Arts Centre – with Salad. Tickets 

14 April – Lexington, London – with Gaz Coombes (sold out)

15 April – Bath Moles, Bath – with Gaz Coombes (sold out)

16 April – The Forum, Tunbridge Wells – with Gaz Coombes (sold out)

21 April – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge – with Gaz Coombes (sold out)

22 April – Crescent Club, York – with Gaz Coombes (sold out)

23 April – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – with Gaz Coombes (sold out)




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