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Personal Trainer Shares New Single “Added Sugar” 

April 14, 2022

Personal Trainer Shares New Single “Added Sugar” 

Personal Trainer, the project of Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Kayla Mickelsen and producer, George Seay are sharing their new single, “Added Sugar” which is out now via Acrophase Records (PWNT, nickname jos, Ginger Root). It comes as another preview of their forthcoming EP, Reflex which is out April 27, 2022.

Added Sugar” welcomes you into the midst of this intoxicating ensemble. Delicate vocal harmonies ooze such appeal and distinct emotional pull from the ethereal range on offer throughout. The textures of the immersive sweeping synth notes and complex beats sculpt out the expressive atmosphere. This dreamy composition hooks the audience as they embrace the alluring ambiance and the magnitude of the energy cascading throughout the journey.

Blending diary-like songwriting with vintage production techniques, the sound of the duo lands the project into a bedroom-pop world, fusing lovelorn lyrics with intimate sounds drawing on a sound in a similar world to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Remi Wolf, Caroline Polachek, etc. The last advance single to be lifted from Personal Trainer’s new EP, Reflex, dives into a darker sound. “Added Sugar” is full of brooding synths and sustained guitars that compliment the track’s lyrics. It finds the band turning to the sounds of Beach House and The Marias for inspiration creating introspective indie-adjacent sounds.

Speaking about the new track, Mickelsen says: “ This song feels like it’s a good transition from the lo-fi, bedroom pop sound our first EP displayed, but progresses towards a more expansive soundscape towards the end of the track. ‘Added Sugar’ stands for any sort of vice someone has, whether that being nicotine, binge-watching, over-consumption, or the continued pursuit of unhealthy love. I wrote this song to detail the depression I experienced at the height of the pandemic. I started to smoke a cigarette every once in a while after dinner and felt a lot of guilt around it: a friend of mine said “everyone needs a vice, sometimes.” That line is explored in the lyrics.”

Personal Trainer
Reflex EP
Out April 27, 2022
via Acrophase Records

1. Added Sugar
2. Cowboy Boots
4. Hungover
5. Main Character

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