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PARCS Release New Single “In The Night”- Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Company | Single Feature

April 11, 2022

PARCS Release New Single “In The Night”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Company

Newport trio PARCS have made this remarkable return this Spring, having released their new single “In The Night” through Rose Recording Company, out April 1st.

Following a 3 year hiatus, the new single is the first taste of the trio’s forthcoming highly-anticipated new EP which is due for release this May.

The single commences with this bright, immediate euphoric synth sound, bringing this harmonic passage to the forefront of the creation with this dazzling charm. The tonality propels the audience into the complex layout whilst sculpting affection through the immersive accent. The disco-driven percussive elements distinguish the movement of this track, you will be captivated. When the passages intensify the sudden drop in their formation allows the delicate vocal harmonies to soar amongst the soundscape. The introduction to the delicate vocal notes allows this sudden alteration to the emotion oozing from this illustrious ensemble. Raw lyrics cut through the sweeping synths and the array of compelling textures sets this outfit apart. The journey travels through these softer elements with ease but the contrasting turn to face the mammoth waves of visceral electronica dominates the composition.

PARCS have created one of the most promising, if not one of the most moving releases of 2022, having just dropped in this dreamy single release. A track that can connect to so many on various levels, capturing this cool synth-pop vision laced with a tender, stirring tone. The alluring atmosphere brings change to the audience, their mood is changed by the bittersweet, blissful rhythms.




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