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Nutrients Share New Single “Window Seat”- Out via Earth Libraries

April 15, 2022
Brad Bennett


Share the new single “Window Seat”
Out via Earth Libraries

Nutrients, the Toronto-based group renowned for their gentle melodies and jangly pop songs are sharing their new single, “Window Seat” which is out via Earth Libraries. The group – who have previously opened for Luna Li and Jaunt as well as performing at Boise’s Treefort Festival – has slowly but surely grown into something more elaborate than their humble beginnings and this is evident with this new single.

Nutrients is often compared to various 90’s bands for their slacker delivery and sometimes likened to certain contemporary bedroom pop artists for their oddball pop leanings. Periodically, but decreasingly so, they are noted for their occasional dissonant digressions. Taylor Teeple, the primary songwriter in the band, began the band as a modest home recording project deep below Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. After relocation to Toronto, the group’s membership eventually grew to include pianist, Iulia Ciobanu, bassist Sean McKee, and guitarist Will Hunter.

The guitar tones commence and sping this elevated push into the exploration, this bountiful bass laces the complex low-end, the guitar noodles and flirts throughout the soundscape. Delicate vocal harmonies join the atmosphere and nutrients bring this bright formation to the forefront, its intricate, obscure timings, and immersive vocal harmonies.

Window Sweat oozes this addictive appeal, infectious rhythms, and this feel-good emphasis from the vibe this outfit has carved throughout the exploration. This dynamic orchestration captivates all with this unpredictable edge, the audience transfixed on this journey that pelts through alternating time signatures and various compelling textures.

The new single finds the band mixing bouncy guitar lines and driving percussion with gorgeous vocal melodies, somewhat reminiscent of contemporaries such as Barrie, TOPS and Andy Shauf while drawing inspiration from the likes of Haircut 100, Steely Dan and China Crisis. The new single arrives with an excellent visual accompaniment further emphasizing the track’s breezy notions with panning shots of vast landscapes lifted from the band’s time on the road. Speaking about the single, Teeple says: “This is a quick guitar pop song that harkens back to songs Nutrients used to write. The guitar interplay is actually just two guitars playing this one-string riff at the same time with some minor deviations. The riff kinda sounds emo-adjacent almost.”

After releasing a series of homemade tapes from 2016 to 2018 and early albums released on beloved Birmingham, Alabama label, Earth Libraries, the band is today returning for the first time in the 20s. Having spent the pandemic mining for fresh and forgotten sounds alongside a new member in multi-instrumentalist Ben Fukuzawa. The fruits of their labor are proudly on display this new single, “Window Seat”. Teeple and Hunter’s guitars, once the center of attention, are overshadowed on this release by McKee’s basslines, Ciobanu’s ghostly harmonies, and Fukuzawa’s steady cadence.

Different Bridges
“Window Seat”
Out via Earth Libraries

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