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North End Return & Release New EP “Halted” – Out Now via Better Looking Records| EP Feature

April 1, 2022

North End Return & Release New EP “Halted” – Out Now via Better Looking Records

We are thrilled that North End have come back to claim 2022 as their year, the instrumental rock band North End are no strangers to our site, now the quartet has today unleashed their sixth studio album, “Halted”. The record was released one year after their single “Cabra” appeared on a split with signal hill. “Halted” presents 4 new songs, written and recorded separately in Pennsylvania and Colorado. North End is Russ Daniels (guitar), Kevin Burk (drums), Peter Willis (guitar) and Marcus Rodriguez (bass).

The record kicks off with the most prominent, fierce, and industrial drum fill signaling the way for the ambitious EP to flow from their opener “Considering“. The first track immediately allows the expressive nature of North End to robustly break through and mold this rhythmic body filled with math patterns, buoyant bass beats, and this almighty drum beat and crashing cymbal hits. The musicians unite and their collaborative energy cascades through every angular attribute, every elongated bass note, each percussive hit, and their choice of ardent textures. The pace brings this intensity to the creation, a blazing opener on all accounts. North End have matured, their abilities polished, their energy and talent simply infectious. Capturing all of the above in their chaotic composition solidifies the complexity of the 4 musicians as they take their audience on this immersive, experimental exploration. The ferocious manner of this brash instrumentation will leave the listener in awe, as will the next 3 tracks.

As the EP flows, North End channels something new, something refreshing and unpredictable to their genre. Their compositions are built upon multiple layers, intense highs, and a real effervescent ambiance. The tonality of this record highlights the darker influence, the wealth of textures simply forcible, complimenting the fast-paced and full body of this entire record.

Halted“, the EPs title track allows the melodious movement of the release to dazzle. Bringing in this lighter, sweeter shimmers from the strings. Those shimmering textures built into the core of the passages soar amongst the inferno of the angular density of this release. The notes collide and the vast atmosphere consumes you. This desirable energy expels from the momentum of this quick-paced creation. The deeper notes are accentuated by the thudding, thicker floor tom, and abrasive kicks which proudly punch their mark onto the destination.

No Line” offers this heady mix of layered atmospherics and brings this dynamic attention to the journey when the intensity abruptly breaks for the harmonics to hypnotize in the noodling cadence. The musicians add that unpredictable attention to the voyage before the impressive energy sparks that fierce engagement and North End work towards this grand crescendo.

Finally, the 4-track record ends on “Jayce“. A composition that ties the best of all the releases that flowed previously and allows North End to playfully take their listeners on this provocative adventure filled with contemplative breakdowns, dark soaring undertones, and this quick finale. When the audience is once again introduced to the space and silence, they soon long to be back in the audacious atmosphere that North End just immersed them all within.

North End has bought this visceral heaviness to the forefront of their new record, the audience embraces the enigmatic commitment with such ease. A lasting, superior record capturing this attentive aggression that devours their vision.

Of the release, North End have shared details of the writing influence and recording processes. he writing for Halted started after a northeast tour was abruptly canceled due to the pandemic in March 2020.  Spread across Pennsylvania and Colorado, sheltered indoors, North End developed four songs that channeled their creativity, influenced by music the band was listening to at the time.  Influenced by math and post rock, Halted echoes North End 2013 EP, Cognoscere, combined with new elements that reflect the band’s renewed direction.  Halted represents a new chapter for the band as their lives and commitment to music evolve. 

Drums for Halted were recorded at Akdar Studios in Reading, Pennsylvania.  The remaining instruments were tracked at Pete, Russ, and Marcus’ home studios respectively.  North End decided to use Anup Sastry for mixing and mastering.  North End wanted Anup to take an aggressive and drum-forward approach with Halted, staying true to the band’s roots.  The photography from Ian Detwiler and the album art from Rishi Neal Arora reflects the world during the time Halted was written, creating a remote but hopeful atmosphere.  Halted is dedicated to Kevin’s mother, Peg Burk.   




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