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Kimber Releases New Single “A Melancholy Spring” Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records & Share New Live Video | Video Premiere

April 26, 2022

Kimber Releases New Single “A Melancholy Spring” Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records

& Share New Live Video

Yorkshire duo Kimber returns with their phenomenal new cut “A Melancholy Spring” out now April 26th via Safe Suburban Home Records.

Kimber are producers, multi-instrumentalists and long-time friends – Mikey Wilson and Josh Heffernan. Their northern, working-class roots and work ethic emerge in their approach to making music: DIY, self-engineered, self-produced and self-mixed, with both members putting money aside each week to slowly build their shared studio. Their studio space has become a sanctuary, with their passion for production and gear allowing Kimber to experiment sonically as well as be self-sufficient artists. The captivating duo return with their new release and first taste of new music from the pair.

Speaking on the track, Kimber say “A Melancholy Spring is about being unable to think clearly after a big life-event, and subsequently becoming a passenger.” Eloquently, they choose to reflect the world around them by burying their anxieties in the lyrics, while using the energetic production to distract the listener and cover up. This new single showcases their ability to draw outsiders into their world, while keeping the delivery opaque.

To coincide with the new release which is out today, Kimber share a new live video of the new single live on the Arts Barge, we are delighted to be streaming below:

A Melancholy Spring” will hook you in, the plethora of immersive textures emerge, the sounds and tweaks initiate the experimental passages before carefully evolving to these sweeping formations, backed with mighty electronic drum beat maximizing the intensity of the movement, Kimber delivers this flawless creation. Destined to move you, pull you, alter your mood, Kimber have mastered the art of capturing a wide range of emotion through their vocal tones to their synth soundwaves and equally elevated guitar tonality, resonating with the same fierce infliction. Kimber delicately injects affection into the melody and the elusive atmosphere which dynamically alters and grows throughout.

The rhythmic electronic pulses intensify and alter the movement, concentrating on the plethora of melodic hooks lacing the entire vision. This is expressive electronic darkpop at its’ very best. As Kimber delves further into their journey, the hypnotic and consuming formation fluctuates to the crushing crescendo, adding this emphasis to the elevated harmonic notes. Kimber proudly display their musicial progression within their latest single, this outfit are the real deal, their energy intoxicating. With “A Melancholy Spring“, Kimber build this vast atmosphere where they delve into the complex daring electro-pop territory. Hypnotic and immersive from start to finish. Once again Kimber have created this vortex of compelling electronica and sonically lifting, expressive lyrics.

Kimber returns with this powerful ensemble, easily one of the best releases you’ll discover this year. Having signed to Safe Suburban Home Records earlier this year, this partnership is set to enthrall. We honestly can’t wait to hear more from this force.




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