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AhGeeBe Releases Second Single “Adain Ystlum (Batwing)” – Out Now via Clwb Music | Single Feature

April 17, 2022
Photo credit: Rhodri Brooks

AhGeeBe Releases Second Single “Adain Ystlum (Batwing)”

Out Now via Clwb Music

South Wales based Americana/Folk singer-songwriter AhGeeBe returns with his second single “Adain Ystlum (Batwing)” released via Clwb Music. The track is described as relying heavily on instrumentation rather than lyrics, the single is still finessed with a beautifully soft Welsh language poem dedicated to a Bat soaring in the early evening sky. 

“Adain Ystlum (Batwing)” offers something a little different compared to AhGeeBe‘s debut, while first outing Cocoona offered the opportunity to sing-along, this second single allows listeners to truly fixate on the short story. Even for those that don’t speak the Welsh language, AhGeeBe‘s breathy tones cut through and land perfectly between each chord harking back to a time of traditional Welsh tales told around campfires.

Of the new track, AhGeeBe explains; “A few years ago I bought a guitar from a second hand shop in Roath. I’d seen it there a few times and had always been drawn to it, and was surprised it had never sold. Finally, during my monthly visit to look at the guitar, I bought it (after a slightly awkward haggling process. I got £20 off)”

He continues; “The guitar is an old ‘Burns’ guitar, the same sort that ’The Shadows’ used for their instrumental surf tunes (as well as backing Cliff Richard…). As soon as I plugged it in at home, the riff that became this song just fell out of me straight away.”

“On the guitar headstock is the name of the model of the guitar. It is… BATWING. This is also half the reason I bought the guitar. It’s such a funny name for a guitar, I love it. So with the main riff and music written, I went on to write a poem for Batwing about its flight in the early evening. I wanted to recite it sort of in the style of Serge Gainsburg’s Melody Nelson album. Deep vocals and a little bit mysterious.” 

Rich in this Americana influence, the mesmeric strokes of the guitar cascade this immersive tonality that distinguishes the entire composition. The mighty guitar wails rich with this sincere fuzz and vibrant tone, lashes of power emerge through the complex percussion and stirring notes. The brief but delicate, and slightly brooding, vocal harmonies lace the vision with a personal touch.

“Adain Ystlum (Batwing)” captivates with this almighty power which leads the instrumentation. The hypnotic pull of the expressive passages hooks the audience and places them amongst the colourful currents which move this composition.

At just over 2 minutes, AhGeeBe intelligently and with this proud defiance, builds and showcases this plentiful landscape almost immediately, the journey of this release feels longer for the sequence encapsulates this vast array of both affection and adventure. The euphoric euphony enthralls.

AhGeeBe is a musician that we urge you to follow and support, the wealth of character and musical quality this artist is offering, it’s simply exciting, we can’t wait to hear what will follow.





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