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Sky Barkers Release New Single “Beholden To None” – Out Now via Bubblewrap Collective

March 4, 2022

Sky Barkers Release New Single “Beholden To None”

Out Now via Bubblewrap Collective

Discover the sounds of Sky Barkers, an indie trio based in coastal West Wales. The outfit is comprised of Joanna MacGregor Messore, Dan Messore and Matt Brown. They make groove based, hook heavy, vocal laden music – lyrically connective and energy driven, rooted in song-writing but with a wonky edge.

‘Beholden to None’ is their first single as a trio and speaks to the new sound that is emerging. “This is a song that invites you into one of my regular day dreams – what would life be like if I was a wanderer, a rover, a free soul flitting from town to countryside, sleeping in nooks of the earth and following old paths? Of course, it’s is a romanticised version of what it would actually be like to live that way – its more about that deep, simple urge to just get up and walk off. To be answerable to no one, leave no forwarding address – to know that no governing body or co-orperate nonsense can find you. To be elusive, beholden to none but the night sky”.

This intoxicating charm distinguishes this creation and oozes from every attribute of Sky Barkers new single and their phenomenal sound. “Beholden To None” delivers this rich array of tone, immense vocal harmonies, sublime soul, and this mesmeric melody. The single starts with this relaxed drum shuffle, initiating the buoyant shuffles and introducing the start of the essential journey, as the exploration meanders through the growing channels, the swooping melodies and the cathartic explosive final crescendo hooks the listener throughout.

From the rhythmic and groovy passages that loop, gaining more of an infectious appeal as the noodle cements itself in the audiences’ vision, the track sculpts its mighty landscape. With the addition of the sweeter reverb-rich guitar tones that soar above the complex depth of the release and add this emphasis to the powerful singing. Joanna’s expressive vocal harmonies escalate throughout the journey and show this vast range. The vocal harmonies harness this warmth that resonates from the pure soul that Joanna puts in, the affection carries the intensity. Wales very own Jenn Wasner. Prepare to be blown away by the compelling energy of this outfit.




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