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Sister Wives Announce Gweler Ein Gofid EP due On Vinyl 29th March via Libertino Records Featuring Remixes from Mandy, Indiana, Ani Glass and Gnoomes

March 16, 2022


Announce Gweler Ein Gofid EP

Released on coloured vinyl 29th March via Libertino Records

Featuring remixes from Mandy, Indiana, Ani Glass and Gnoomes

UK live dates inc. Focus Wales and Launchpad Festival

Sheffield’s Sister Wives are excited to announce the 12″ vinyl release of their debut EP, Gweler Ein Gofid, out 29th March on Libertino Records (Adwaith, Bandicoot). The EP is a six-track release with three new remixes, available to preorder here.

Sister Wives unified as one in 2018 to conceive wild tales that flit between Welsh and English language, sung over cavernous melodies and hypnotic beats. 

Keen to continue their love of collaborating when touring was impossible, the three original EP tracks have also been handed over to Mandy, Indiana (Fire Talk), Ani Glass (Welsh Language Album of the Year winner) and Gnoomes (Rocket Recordings) to rework some extra magic into Sister Wives’ wild soundscapes

Sister Wives · See My Grief / Gweler Ein Gofid (Mandy, Indiana Remix)

Each of the new remixes brings this phenomenal energy to the ensembles’. Still capturing that pure magic that Sister Wives convey, which sets them apart and brings this new attitude to the journey. With the Mandy, Indiana remix, streaming above. They capture this immediate industrial, infectious ferocity. Within all of Sister Wives creations, they focus on this immersive atmosphere which tends to capture a volatile world, with the new remix of “See My Grief/ Gweler Ein Gofid”, that volatility remains this constant throughout, churning on these unpredictable harsh peaks.

Sister Wives say of the new release: “We’ve always wanted to have our tunes remixed so when talk of a reissue came up we knew it was time to ask some of our current favourite artists to work their magic! We wanted different sounds for each of the songs and knew that Ani Glass, Mandy, Indiana and Gnoomes would produce an interesting landscape when next to each other on the record. It’s been such a joy for us to hear what these inspiring artists have created from our EP.”

Libertino adds,“When we first heard Sister Wives’ music it was the monolithic primal power, rooted deep in the ancient earth yet somehow inexplicably free, dancing through the clouds, skyward.. exploring, that bewitched us. This musical contradiction of opposing elements, dark / light / thunderous / delicate that is intrinsically woven into the fabric of Sister Wives sound, making them intoxicatingly unique! ‘Gweler Ein Gofid’ was a bold statement of intent and one we are overjoyed to be re-releasing with three equally ambitious remixes.” 

The Gweler Ein Gofid EP was initially released on Sheffield label Do It Thissen in 2020 on a limited run of lathe-cut vinyl which sold out instantly. 

The new reissue is a 6-track EP on bright yellow vinyl, with updated artwork by the band’s own Lisa O’Hara and photos from Parys Mountain in Angelsey, taken by Laura Merrill.

Live Dates:

Friday 15th April – Launchpad Festival, Leeds
Thursday 5th May – Focus Wales, Wrexham
Saturday 24th September – Float Along Festival, Sheffield

EP Preorder:

1.       Wandering Along / Rwy’n Crwydro
2.       Sun Will Come / Mi Ddaw Yr Haul
3.       See My Grief / Gweler Ein Gofid
4.       Wandering Along / Rwy’n Crwydro (Ani Glass Remix)
5.       Sun Will Come / Mi Ddaw Yr Haul (Gnoomes Remix)
6.       See My Grief / Gweler Ein Gofid (Mandy, Indiana Remix)





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